Hello, welcome to the SOULLOOP platform, created for the sharing of universal knowledge in a simple and accessible way. The SOULLOOP platform is offered by Soulloop LTD, registered under No. 11926022, based in London, England.


In these terms and conditions of use, you ("User" or “You”) will have access to descriptions of the main features of the platform and the essential conditions for the use of its services. Information about the personal data collected during the use of the SOULLOOP platform can be accessed in our Privacy policy.


By using the platform or the services offered by SOULLOOP, the user declares to accept and submit to the conditions of these terms. If you have any questions about the contents of this document, please contact us by email at



1.1. In order to facilitate understanding, we use words and terms with the first letter in uppercase. Whenever this occurs in the terms and conditions of use and in the privacy policy, the meaning of these words and terms must be understood as written below: 


1.2. “User”: Physical person over 18 who accesses the platform and carries out his /her personal registration in order to navigate the platform and/or acquire the products and services offered by SOULLOOP, expressly accepting the terms of this document 


1.3. “Platform”: Site and application administered and with the exclusive rights of use in Brazil by SOULLOOP, through which: (i) astrology content is displayed; (ii) astrological maps   are produced; (iv) Consultations of astrological Coaching and traditional Coaching; and (v) match is performed between users based on the characteristics identified by the system.




The SOULLOOP consists of an exclusive use platform for registered users. Through the login or integration through Google, Facebook, Instagram platforms, the user will have access to exclusive content related to astrology and personal self-development topics, such as astral map generation, astrological and traditional coaching, conducting compatibility analysis with other platform users, among others, in order to broaden their perception about their journey of self-knowledge and awareness.






To access the functionalities of the platform and acquire the services and/or products of SOULLOOP, the user will need to register on the platform. Access by registration implies acceptance of the rights and duties set forth herein.


The registration may be performed directly on the platform, by filling in your personal data requested by SOULLOOP and described in our privacy policy or by integrating LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook platforms.


Your access may be suspended or denied, at the sole discretion of SOULLOOP and without prior notice, whenever and whenever any irregularity is detected in the information provided or in the way of using the platform, with no indemnity or reparation in such cases.


The user must provide correct and accurate data for use of SOULLOP, and should keep them updated.


The user is responsible for securing his/her access password to the platform. By creating an account in SOULLOOP, you undertake not to disclose your password to third parties and assume full responsibility for any actions performed through your access credentials.


The user undertakes to notify SOULLOOP immediately, through the indicated contact channels, regarding any suspicion or discovery of unauthorized use of his/her account.


Your account is personal and non-transferable.


b. Rules of use


The user will not be able to:


  1. Use, in any way, Third party identity or false information;
  2. Use the platform for illicit or immoral purposes;
  3. Collect or disclose information about other users on the platform without prior and express authorization;
  4. Violate intellectual and industrial property rights of SOULLOOP or third parties;
  5. Interfere with the operation of SOULLOOP, including its servers or networks used
  6. Perform reverse engineering or any other type of use of the platform source code;
  7. Reproduce, in any medium, the SOULLOOP brand or any other text,  image, or graphic/audiovisual element existing on the platform;
  8. Insert or propagate content that can be interpreted as contrary to the law, offensive, immoral or repugnant;
  9. Publish or transmit any file containing viruses or any other means that contaminate or destroy, or that may interfere with the proper functioning of the platform or software;
  10. Improper use of the platform, i.e. for purposes other than that for which it was made available by SOULLOOP;


Note that registration must be performed by users with a minimum of 18 (eighteen) years. The platform is not intended for minors under 18 (eighteen) years. If the user does not meet the required minimum age, he/she should not access and use our platform.



4.1. You are solely responsible for the use of the platform made available by SOULLOOP, which in turn assumes no responsibility for the acts and behaviors of its users.

4.2. SOULLOOP will not be liable for accesses and transactions that occur outside of its platform, nor for products or services offered by users and/or third parties, even if there are hyperlinks to such environments inserted in the platform.>

4.3. Decisions made based on information accessible through SOULLOOP are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user and do not constitute any kind of professional, scientific, or technical advice.

4.4. SOULLOOP will not be liable for errors or disruptions in the operation of systems over which SOULLOOP has no influence. Therefore, SOULLOOP also assumes no liability for any loss or damage due to failures (including security) in the Internet connection you use.

4.5. SOULLOOP is not responsible for the action of third parties that may cause viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, or any other type of malicious software to exist. The breach of any of the aforementioned obligations of the user, as well as any other provision of this document, may cause, in the sole discretion of SOULLOPP, the suspension of access or deletion of the user's account, regardless of prior notice and without Prejudice to the adoption of all applicable legal measures


5.1. SOULLOOP offers payment options via credit cards. Transactions are carried out through the EBANX payment intermediary platform. After confirming the payment, the user will receive an email with the invoice and the descriptions and instructions of the service and/or product you just purchased. If payment is not approved by the card administrator or is declined, the contracting of the services and/or products will be canceled and no amount will be charged to the user.

5.2. Access to pay for products and/or services will only be made available after the receipt by SOULLOOP of the confirmation of the transaction, which depends on the deadlines established by third parties (intermediaries, banks, credit card operators, etc. ) not controlled by SOULLOOP.

5.3. Where possible and provided that the use of services and/or products acquired is not exhausted, the user may withdraw from the contracting of the products and/or services within seven (7) days of their acquisition, a situation in which the amounts eventually paid shall be fully returned to the user



6.1. By entering any content on the platform, the user grants us an indefinite license for use for purposes related to its operation.

6.2. All content made available/displayed on the platform (trademarks, logos, names, drawings, texts, images, photos, music, videos, Phonograms, audiovisual works, source codes, etc.) is protected by intellectual property rights, being either SOULLOOP property or third parties that grant us the right to use. Therefore, copies, reproductions, or modifications of any material inserted in the platform are expressly prohibited, under penalty of applying the charges provided for in these terms and applicable law.

6.3. Access to and use of the platform does not confer the user any intellectual property rights over any content exposed or accessible through the platform.


The way we collect, store and use User data is described in the privacy policy of SOULLOOP, which can be accessed from the   link .



8.1. If any part of these terms is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable by the relevant authority, the remaining provisions shall remain valid to the fullest possible extent.

8.2. Any failure or inertia of SOULLOOP to enforce or exercise any provision of these terms shall not constitute a waiver of your rights.

8.3. SOULLOOP may change these terms at any time, and in the event of modifications affecting the rights and obligations of the user, this will be communicated to the user.

8.4. SOULLOOP may discontinue the platform's functionalities, in whole or in part, at any time, at its sole discretion, when no indemnity or reparation is due to the user.


Last update: 10/16/2022