Journeys that transform

Did you know you can transform yourself by holistically working on your energy? By attuning your individual frequency to the vibration of the cosmos? By matching the energy of your chakras and of the planets?

Soulloop app’s Journeys made for you combine astrology’s knowledge of the cosmic planetary energy with yoga’s knowledge of the body’s subtle energy. They are based on the vibrational correspondence between planets and chakras, which becomes entirely personalized according to your birth chart.

Soulloop app’s unique combination of astrology and yoga

We exchange vital energy with the environment around us through our chakras – these are energy centers in a system where our energy runs to keep us alive. Thus, we feel more vitalized in natural environments, where this force is enhanced.

The frequency of each planet resonates differently with this vital energy around and within us, in sync with each chakra. Each planet is more attuned to a chakra, which captures and processes that planetary energy throughout the body.

7 chakras, 7 areas of life, and the planets

Each chakra is associated with specific needs and emotions, which in practical terms correspond to areas of life, and planes of consciousness. Soulloop app offers 7 journeys of transformation that develop both each chakra and your awareness of its resonating planetary energies.

Each journey is a step by step process, including breathwork, meditation, mudra, mantra and asana to activate the energy of the chakra. Each step includes a coaching process with questions that build up your awareness of the corresponding planetary energies.  

Your journeys are tailored according to your Birth Chart placements. Soulloop app has +400 meditations to personalize each journey, since the energy of a planet is always a blend of the frequency of the planet and the vibration of the sign it is placed in.

By attuning your frequency to the vibration of the cosmos, you open up in your body a channel of energy to manifest a life with purpose.

Your journey of transformation starts now!

With love,