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Explore your ways of loving

🤩 Read houses 5 and 7 of your Birth Chart for insights on how you love and relate.  

The 5th house is associated with romance, infatuation, and the thrill of falling in love. It indicates how you approach love, your sense of playfulness and creativity.

The 7th house represents how you relate to others on an equal, committed basis. It indicates the qualities you seek in a partner and the relational dynamics you desire in a relationship.

🌹Navigate relationships with clarity and confidence by knowing your Venus transits.

Venus transits in astrology are periods when this planet – associated with love, relationships, and value – moves through specific areas of your birth chart, lighting up your heart, lifting your self-esteem, and drawing loving people to your life.

❤️Expand your capacity to give and receive love with the Personal Relationships Journey

This Journey explores the love energy of three planets, Venus, the Sun and Chiron, according to their placement in your birth chart. The transformative personalized meditations lift your vibration, to attract love in your life, love yourself, and heal yourself and others. 

You already have all the answers within to experience love. The exercises and questions for reflection aim at bringing greater clarity. 

🤝Communicate efficiently with Soul to Soul, with astrological insights about your and others’ communication style, to connect deeper. 

All you need is their date of birth.

Love Through the Signs

Discover your story and the story of your romantic partner.

Aries fall in love at first glance and have the spontaneity to express themselves immediately. Their passion has intensity and a sense of urgency. They enjoy the speed of events, need to physically show what they feel, and they take the initiative. They like to keep their freedom of action and independence, and are determined and impulsive enough to break away if they feel they aren’t comfortable to be who they are. The recipe for a successful relationship with Aries is to value and encourage their individuality and motivation. 

Tauruses fall in love sensually, seduced by the physical presence and with sensory involvement. They savor every moment of the various stages of passion, without rushing, taking each step with security, and the certainty they can make pleasure and love blossom. In the ups and downs of a relationship, they may become insecure, or feel rejected, and can pull their partner away to protect their feelings. They are faithful, solid and reliable, and nurture love with romantic gestures that guarantee the comfort, stability, and eternity of the relationship. 

Geminis fall in love at the speed of thought, attracted by a sophisticated sense of humor, and the intensity of intellectual stimulation. Love and life as a couple needs to be dynamic and unexpected, full of communication and events, including travel. The surprises that life can bring make their versatile and adaptable nature shine. They get in touch with their emotions by talking things through, and know how to persuade the partner into or out of a relationship.

Cancers fall in love by embracing the wave of emotion, as they delve deeply into the emotional bond they feel. They live their passion with sentimental involvement, want to protect, care, and cannot stay away from the one they love. They can shut down when they feel threatened or vulnerable, and become inaccessible. They understand and support everyone in the family, with whom they connect telepathically, promptly responding to any need.

Leos fall in love with greatness, generosity and exclusive dedication. Passion stimulates their most inspired creativity, and the expression of their feelings can reach a dramatic scale, for when they are in love they live in a state of celebration. They devote themselves to their family, steadfast and with joy of purpose: they experience love as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They value loyalty above anything else, and betrayal can make them break away.

Virgos fall in love with the details, after analyzing the complete whole. Passion is an experience of self-discovery. Emotions and feelings are always something new which reorganizes the world, internally and externally, in a state of surprise. Thinking and speaking about their emotions can become a convoluted exercise, and they approach the relationship and its challenges with practical steps. They grow more attached to their partner than they may be willing to admit, and love planning the family routine, as well as the healthy growth and prosperity of everyone around them. 

Libras fall in love with the symbiosis of partnership, which they feel is the most complete way of being in the world. Passion intensifies their aesthetic sensitivity, and the enhanced sensations stimulate their elegant and sophisticated way of loving. They can become dependent on their partnerships, and betrayal and falsity put them off and their usual diplomatic, tactful nature. They devote their body, soul and heart, with passionate gestures that keep love alive and vibrant, creating an environment of harmony and understanding that makes it easy to overcome any challenge. 

Scorpios fall in love with emotional intensity and determination. Magnetic, secretive and firm, their reserve protects an unquenchable desire for deep connection. Their passion has the power to transform, irresistible and compelling for those who know how to accept it and reciprocate. They experience the relationship as a safe haven where they wind down and regenerate, showing their vulnerability without fear. Relationship challenges can come with grudges, conscious and unconscious plotting, unless they are lived by both partners with truth, authenticity, and transformational dialogue.

Sagittariuses fall in love with a spirit of adventure, and a sense of humor. The surprise that passion brings stimulates their ability to improvise. They value intellectual sophistication, which increases complicity and sensual attraction. When they commit to a relationship, they need to share their vision of life and path of personal expansion. They are always aware of a broader perspective, and will choose liberating options to deal with relationship challenges, a journey to a faraway destination, a retreat to an ashram, to gain time and space and retrieve their usual optimism and hope.

Capricorns fall in love with seriousness and determination. Achievement works for them like an aphrodisiac, stimulating their creativity and enhancing the emotion. They value consistency. Step by step, they deepen their feeling, which grows over time. They approach relationship challenges with pragmatic steps, keen to keep the status quo, taking time to acknowledge changes, and requiring a recovery period to get over the past.

Aquarians fall in love with an open mind and independence, seduced by originality that stimulates their intellect, quickens their heart and increases their libido. They get excited when they share their ideals and feel altruism as an aphrodisiac quality. They prefer lasting relationships, and can take almost any antics from their partner. It is difficult to put them off, they approach relationship challenges with intellectual might, and emotional detachment. 

Pisceans fall madly in love, with soul, body and heart, in complete sync with the person they are attracted to. They surrender to the feeling, which increases their natural empathy and generosity. Relationship challenges can bring unprecedented emotional turmoil, and their intuitive approach can take a range of unpredictable passionate expressions, moving the partner and everyone around. When at ease and in connection, their creative talents are enhanced and their ability to achieve can surprise everyone with prodigious results.

With love,