Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

Tomorrow we celebrate International Women’s Day, this year with the theme #EmbraceEquity. It goes beyond the call to create equality to a fair, impartial, inclusive world for everybody, finding a place of harmony and unity.

Feminine energies

Attuned to this intention, our self-care and care for others is illuminated by the energy of the Full Moon in Virgo until the 8th. It inspires us to improve our routines and habits, building a happier and healthier life with mindful effectiveness, benefitting and serving all around us.   

Alongside this efficient, diligent influence, there’s a soothing, empathetic energy in the air, which we can channel to address our vulnerability and heal ourselves — and help heal others too, with the present set of planets in Pisces and Jupiter conjunct Chiron. 

The celebration of women coincides with the energy of a more sensitive approach to responsibility and service. Supported by the energy of the Full Moon, the planet of structure and responsibility, Saturn, moves into the sign of boundless flow and imagination, Pisces, bringing reliable, practical ways to turn dreams and hopes into reality. 

Connect to the archetype:

The archetype of womanhood is present in all of us, it embodies the gift to sustain and renew our surroundings with the love, nurture, and caring everyone needs. It is the ability to foster growth wherever we go, living out our service to others in responsible, caring authority. 

Harness the power of the Full Moon in Virgo along with this shift of Saturn into Pisces to connect to this creative archetype and build your dreams mindfully: 

  • Practice Full Moon meditation on the Soulloop app, clicking on the magnifying lens and typing ‘Moon meditations’.
  • Choose the Virgo meditation in ‘zodiac meditations’, offering you inspiration to connect to the present energy.
  • Take time to journal, plotting out the path to your dreams to get clearer on the messages they bring and what they mean to you with Soulloop app’s Dreams.

I hope these words inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me through the years: 

man deals with earthly values, such as sex and money, loves her own body and appreciates the pleasures of life. 

She takes care of children and the world lovingly. 

She represents physical and spiritual nourishment.  

She evokes Tara, the Tibetan goddess of compassion. 

She represents the world of sensations through a naturalistic view of life, calm, confident, compassionate, and self-confident.’

Let’s continue our work to #EmbraceEquity together.