Why change is good

If you have been seeking long-term, sustainable improvement in any area of your life, you may have noticed a recent surge in determination. 

Lasting change through deep transformation

When the Sun, representing our essence, goals, and self-awareness, and Mars, symbolizing our willpower and drive for action, align in conjunction in the transformative sign of Scorpio, deep and enduring change is in store. 

The ancient wisdom of yoga explains, through the wheel of samsara – our life in the world – that self-knowledge comes through the transformation of patterns, that is, with the change of deeply rooted thoughts or behaviors that have become automatic.

The circular sequence of the wheel of samsara (action-impression-tendency-pattern-action) can be altered through self-awareness and willpower which, by consistently changing the action, generate a new pattern that supersedes the old one.

Astrologically, you now possess the strength, determination, patience, and intuition required to see your efforts through to the end in the transformative process that leads to lasting change. 

The main planetary energies at play support you to deepen your self-awareness and act in your inner and outer worlds, allowing you to successfully move the wheel of samsara, truly changing your life.

Why this is a favorable time to change

Live with stamina. With the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, you pursue your goals fueled with strength and resilience. Your motivation is inexhaustible and you have the stamina to see your efforts through to the end, exploring new abilities.

Visualize the change. Your ability to visualize and manifest your dreams and ideas is heightened. With the Sun and Mars in trine to Neptune in Pisces, you are likely highly perceptive and emotionally aware, and are able to channel your energy to both creative and spiritual pursuits. Your intuition is finely tuned, easily sensing the emotions and needs of yourself and others, empathizing, being compassionate, and experiencing moments of insight and inspiration.

Align actions and purpose. This period may require you to plan your actions, in order to align them with your long-term objectives. The Sun and Mars in square to Saturn in Pisces facilitate your direction towards intentional actions. You have the structure and discipline, patience and perseverance in your efforts to be yourself and pursue your goals. This allows you to process constructively any resistance you may encounter, flexible when dealing with frustration, delays or limitations.

Be bold, go deep. Your present drive includes courage, both to explore the depths of emotions and desires, and to deal with challenges, including those of intimacy, in your inner world, or of the complexity of the human psyche. With the Sun and Mars in square to Pluto in Capricorn, you are able to more easily regenerate and reinvent yourself, bouncing back from setbacks and emerging stronger and more resilient.

Improvise by being yourself. During this period, your intense drive may be especially useful to deal with breakthroughs and unexpected events. The Sun and Mars in opposition to Uranus favor a flexible strategy to make the most of your ability to think outside the box, and to find creative and innovative solutions to the challenges that arise. Your strong will for change inspires you in your bold steps to embrace your self-reliance and create a more authentic life.

To make the most of the energy of the sky this month, practice daily the general Scorpio meditation, and the Positive Affirmations for Self-confidence, and the personalized Mars meditations in your natal chart, in the Leap into action Journey Made for You on the Soulloop app.

Make the most of this time of deep transformation and lasting change.

With love,