What to expect in 2024 

Flexible mindset

2024 is a year of awakening and realignment across society, with individual inner changes transforming patterns, driving collective restructuring, and calling for responsibility. 

Pluto is in Aquarius from January 21, and Saturn rules the year from March 20. Pluto represents profound transformations, Aquarius represents innovation and progress, Saturn represents responsibility and maturity.

Check these key moments for change and personal growth.

🌟January: your role is essential

You will be more aware of your role within the communities you are a part of, and will realize the importance of knowing and following your own mind. You may feel more willing to take risks, more determined, and less concerned about rules in your approach to authority figures or institutional structures. Pluto’s shift on 21 will also boost group awareness and networking, now multidimensional. 

Pluto was last in Aquarius in the 18th century, ushering the industrial revolution, the French revolution, and the American civil war and constitution. Now, as we’ve been witnessing, the revolution takes place in the technological, biological and spatial spheres, and the breakthroughs can encompass both negative and positive results, from cybercrime to energy healing.

🧘‍♀️March: let go and trust your intuition

Eclipse season starts on March 25,withan eclipse in Libra that might present challenges in relationships, prompting reflection and endings which reveal patterns you can now transform. It is a good time to pause, take a breath, turn inward, and allow time to gain understanding…

On April 8, the eclipse in Aries inspires breakthroughs. With your creativity probably at an all-time high, you will channel insights, experience intuitive leaps, and may have vivid dreams that will inspire you to acknowledge your need for self-reliance, autonomy, and freedom of action.

✨April-May: innovate to thrive

This is a period to think creatively, seize opportunities, and expand knowledge. 

On April 21, you are invited to take action, think outside the box, and intensify the focus on the work your financial goals require, when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, before moving to Gemini on May 25. Then, your focus on growth shifts towards communication. 

It will be a time to expand your network of contacts, to socialize, and to invest in your social media endeavors. It will be also a good period to further your educational pursuits, with a broader perspective on knowledge,, and a flexibility to learn, in order to explore different ideas, and develop new skills.

👐 June: expand your communication

Find your unique way of communicating within your relationships, allowing for creative transformation. Now, you see yourself and are seen by others in a different way.

It is a period to open up to new partnerships and friendships, to communicate better, and to deepen your emotional bonds. Regardless of your personal interests, there will be a favourable energy of unpredictability, allowing for creative outlet and transformation of conditioning.

👍 September-October: sow harmony

Communicate with purpose during the eclipse season, meditate and trust your intuition to process any collective tension to avoid making it personal. 

On September 18, the eclipse in Pisces can be a period of inspired communication. Your empathy and your words can see you through any challenge. The following eclipse in Libra, on October 2, is a moment to set your new intentions, leaving behind what has already ended. If necessary, take time to rest and recuperate. The new beginnings you now sow can bring positive relationships, harmony and creativity.

🙌 November: Go with the flow

When you focus your attention and keep the mind flexible, you experience the state of flow. Going with the flow can attract new and unique friendships, open up to meaningful perspectives, future plans, and mutual benefit that leads to success.

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