Welcome to Soulloop

An introduction to our Founder, Priscila

Priscila is a karmic astrologer and life coach, who’s created soulloop app to share her expertise and self-awareness therapies to a much wider global audience.  She’s spent much of the past 20 years dedicated to learning and integrating a wide range of theories into her teaching; psychology, karmic astrology, yoga, meditation, reiki, feng shui to name a few.

Welcome to Soulloop

Soulloop app exists to help you create more balance and harmony in your life and ultimately find a life path with more meaning, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Your Birth Chart, in the astrological app, underpins everything; from informing a deep personalized transformational programme, to bespoke meditations, to informing you how you can connect better with others. 

The Birth Chart shows the configuration of the sky at the time of your birth and how you and your personality manifests in life.  You could say it is a map for the soul and a guide to who you really are, at a deeper level. It will also reveal your potential and your mission; what heals, drives, and transforms your soul and personality. Using this powerful wisdom within the stars, you gain the key to greater personal growth, and harmonious living.