Vogue Wellness Summit: understand how astrology can help in the process of self-knowledge

Priscila Lima de Charbonnières, founder of the Soulloop platform, and the nutritionist Vania Assaly debate the topic with the beauty and wellness editor Luanda Vieira

Astrology as a tool for self-knowledge. How about trying it out? This was the theme of one of the Vogue Wellness Summit talks this Friday (2), which had as special guests Priscila Lima de Charbonnières , founder of the Soulloop platform, and the nutritionist Vania Assaly. During the chat, led by beauty and wellness editor Luanda Vieira, they showed how studying stars can help you lead a more balanced life.

“We can look at astrology from different angles, we can make predictions, we can always leave the person interested in doing that reading and coming back, but my way of reading the astrological chart is to help the individual to understand his subconscious, to help him to integrate the vibration of the soul with the personality. The personality we develop throughout life, and the soul is born with a vibration. There is often no agreement between the vibration of the soul and the personality that we learn in this life… And when we get in touch with the subconscious, we start to notice the conditionings that we need to abandon in order to activate our greatest potential,” explained Priscila.

“Everything in the universe happens through vibration. When we talk about a gene, a DNA, it has a vibration inside. When we talk about an astrological chart, when we look at the macro, everything happens through vibration. The soul comes with this energetic environment of the moment of our birth. We come through an energetic current,” continued the founder of Soulloop.

Nutrologist Vânia Assaly added: “The human being is a vibrational being, an algorithm with a soul that is inserted in the energy field of this individual and that will express itself in its nature from the connection of the universe. Priscila will look at how the field is like vibrational and I look at the genetic part. How is that individual’s field of vulnerability? There are some issues that he will take care of in some special way so that he doesn’t get sick early. So, it’s all a complete connection with macro and mycocosm.”

Priscilla did not fail to emphasize that self-knowledge is a continuous process throughout life. “Our conscious mind represents 5% and the other part (95%) is unconscious. The more we go deeper into self-awareness, the lower the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious becomes, the more we have control of our lives, the more we we can determine what we want to attract,” he says.

However, she claims that astrology is not deterministic. “We understand energy flows and we learn to surf them. Every wave is a wave, every day is a day and every day the sea is different.”

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