Together We Thrive

Your personal and spiritual growth is bringing us together in the Soulloop community. Let’s thrive together?

Why Community Matters

Our community embraces you, stimulating growth and a shared vision for a more connected life.

Your dedication to inner evolution is incredibly supportive of the collective transformation that we so dearly value.

The heartbeat of Soulloop app

Diving into the depths of your Birth Chart, readings and personalized practices, and knowing that other people are on a similar path is motivating.

Understanding ourselves becomes richer when we learn about the way our loved ones relate or those with whom we share commonalities; we feel seen, and validated. 

Soulloop app is your daily sanctuary, to join others and share your journey of self-awareness.

Flourish with this energy

✨Explore Soul to Soul and its astrological insights to communicate with empathy and efficiency with the people that matter in your life, therefore deepening mutual understanding. All you need is their date of birth.

✨Embark on Soulloop app’s Journeys – practices that delve into different areas of your life, synchronizing the energy of the planets and of the chakras. The Personal Relationships Journeys, with Venus, the Sun, and Chiron, help you understand how you relate and love, creating space to improve your relationships. 

✨Find Soulloop beyond the app – join us on our social networks.

Let’s journey together. 

Come with us.