The power of togetherness

Now more than ever, with the speed at which things are happening in the world, I find myself reflecting on the wise observation of the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “Change is the only constant in life.” 

Some of the recent global shifts have led to increased feelings of loneliness, as a result of less time spent together. Humans are wired to connect, to relate, to be in touch with the world and those we share it with. These challenges to our socializing habits bring new opportunities — not only to adapt, but to appreciate the power of community.

Creatures of connection

According to neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman, our social brains — and their need to connect — are one of our greatest superpowers. They drive us to seek out human attachments, one of the most important factors in our happiness and wellbeing.

The distinction between being alone and lonely

Spending time on your own, attuned to our inner voice, is essential for getting to know who we are. As our most authentic selves, we can find a community that shares our values and beliefs. Loneliness only arises when there’s a mismatch between the social connection we have and that which we want or need.

The hidden power of those around you

Our thoughts and behaviors influence those around us, so being intentional about who you spend your time with has a profound impact on your life. Interactions with people can shine a light on parts of yourself you may not yet be conscious of, increasing your self-awareness. With this in mind, using one to one on soulloop app deepens your understanding of others’ outlook and communication style.

Reach out, sharing the love — whether that’s a smile to someone going by, a warm greeting to your neighbor, or a message to a friend.