The power of sound

Made up of 80% water, we are vibrational beings. We resonate and get in sync with the sounds and frequencies around us, which influence the patterns of our entire body and thus our health. 

The power of sound

Sound vibrations create shapes and affect the space and objects they reach, as shown by the science of cymatics. Harmonic vibrations around us strengthen our magnetic field and subtle vital energy, vibrational patterns of disharmony disrupt it. Solfeggio frequencies, Schumann resonances, and the alpha-beta-delta-theta-gamma brainwaves are examples of harmonic patterns where our bodies can thrive. 

Soulloop sounds

Soulloop app personalized experiences of meditation – and now music – feature Solfeggio frequencies, multiples of the Schumann resonance, and the science of brainwaves, harmonic vibrations that shift the rhythm and frequency of the body and brainwave patterns, to promote holistic health and wellness. 

We have carefully created 20 exclusive soundscapes to enhance your wellbeing and harmony. Our immersive sound experiences support regeneration and integral health, the quality of your sleep and of your concentration. They connect you with your spirituality, awaken your courage, get you in flow with your emotions, and make you feel uplifted.

Soulloop app’s soundscapes cater to your unique needs, whether deep relaxation, meditation or focus. Now, you can explore the sounds of:

  • The Elements, music with sounds of the natural elements in their specific vibrations, in Solfeggio frequencies and Schumann resonances,
    • to stimulate intuition and connect to your spirituality, Ether, 741 HZ
    • to stimulate communication and thinking skills, Air, 639 HZ
    • to awaken courage, Fire, 528 HZ
    • to flow with your emotions, Water, 303 HZ
    • to root yourself and feel secure, Earth, 396 HZ
  • Brainwave frequencies, that harmonize your brain performance in all states, 
    • for deep relaxation and meditation,Alpha, 7.5 HZ
    • to focus and concentrate, Beta, 14 HZ,
    • for deep sleep and healing, Delta, 1.5 HZ
    • for insights and discernment, Gamma, 40 HZ
    • to co-create reality, Theta, 4.8-5 HZ
  • Nature, music with sounds of nature, in Solfeggio frequencies, with brainwave frequencies and Schumann resonances
    • for you to create and grow, 432 HZ
    • to relax and feel whole, 963 HZ
  • Focus, music and sound experiences, in Solfeggio frequencies, with brainwave frequencies and Schumann resonances promoting
    • calm, 263 Hz
    • your power of manifestation, 144 Hz
    • expansion of awareness, 741 Hz
  • Healing, sound healing immersive experiences, in Solfeggio frequencies, with brainwave frequencies and Schumann
    • wellbeing and harmony, 432 Hz
    • Integral health, 741 Hz
    • Regenaration, 859Hz

Sleep, a customizable duration soundtrack, in Solfeggio frequencies and with brainwave frequencies 

– for deep restorative sleep, 528 HZ.

Enjoy the frequencies in which your body, mind, and soul can thrive!