The Power of Connection

We are all intrinsically connected – every action has a reaction and we thrive when working together. Connection is a core value of many. When you have the sense that you are deeply connected, you also know you’re aligned to your soul purpose. In fact, there are no limits to what we can achieve when we have a strong connection, both to ourselves and others!

Life as a mirror

Whether we realize it or not, we all want to be understood and feel less alone in the world. Being profoundly connected with others is one of the most beautiful parts of living! But, it’s also a survival instinct. Professor Matthew Lieberman cites in more than 1,000 published and unpublished studies that our need for social connection is as important as food, water and shelter.

Finding a common language

Using the wisdom of astrology, soulloop app enables you to gain practical insights into your own – and others – ways of communicating, so that you can take your relationships to new heights. You can use the astrological app to foster meaningful connections by trying these simple steps today:

  • Use the Social Connection feature to read insights about your own communication style. Notice anything that may feel a little uncomfortable to read – that’s often the place where we can grow!
  • Share your result with the people who matter in your life – and allow them to understand you better.
  • Add your contacts – all you need is their DOB.
  • Then read about the ways they express themselves to understand more about what motivates, inspires and turns them on!
  • Reflect your learnings back to one another. Did it help you understand each other better? This should pave the way for open dialogue and compassionate communication.

Optimizing for connection really does have endless benefits; from helping to reduce anxiety and depression, to regulating your emotions, improving self-esteem and empathy, while supporting a healthy immune system.

Listen more. Understand more. And connect more.