The planet ruler of the year

I wanted to share with you the concept of the planet ruler of the year, which is rooted in medieval and Kabbalistic astrological traditions. Useful for a keynote understanding of the year ahead, it gives us hints on how the energy will unfold. 

With gratitude, reflect on what you dream of taking forward into 2023 and what you will be leaving behind.

By knowing the position of the ruler — in this case, the Moon — in the astrological chart of the year, and the sign and house it falls in, we can interpret how the energy in each sign will be experienced.

A year of sensitivity and changes

The Moon is the most changeable celestial body, with cycles and phases, representing our emotions, needs, and intuitive responses to the world.

As the ruler of the year, the Moon brings a lot of spirituality and service: governed by changes, by the people, by women. 

We’ll likely see changes in our routine and working habits that support our health and find deeper meaning in daily life, feeling our connection to others and the universe becoming more important. 

It’s the perfect time to realize that staying flexible, versatile, and adaptable is the key to finding our way around obstacles, and there is a higher purpose to every challenge we meet.

Navigate this transformation in the Soulloop app

  • Stay connected to the lunar energy using My Mood, finding out which sign it is in and what impact that has on your energy, emotions, and outlook.
  • Use the Birth Chart to see which house the Moon falls in for you, providing insight into how you nurture yourself and others.
  • Do the Pisces Meditation to connect to its fluidity, and channel sensitivity, empathy, adaptability, and intuition.

The year ahead in numerology

Another useful resource is numerology. A year that adds up to seven — as is the case with 2023 — corresponds to the color violet, representing spirituality, the energy that we have been able to access and enhance since January 1.

Connect to who you are, find what expresses your soul, and connect to your bigger purpose.