The eclipse and the connection with a powerful portal

An eclipse season is a powerful portal for change. Astrologically, eclipses happen in a set of two opposite zodiac signs. The first of 2022 took place on 30th April at 10 degrees of Taurus, and Monday 16th at 27 degrees of Scorpio (coinciding with May’s Full Moon!). During the second lunar eclipse, the Moon was completely covered by the Earth’s shadow and was visibly red from most of America, Europe, and Africa. It truly was a natural wonder…

This was the most important full Moon of the year due to a powerful cosmic alignment, where the earth received the greatest incidence of light. This eclipse of Light and Shadow also marked when Buddha was born and enlightened, so holds profound and sacred significance.

Since the Moon represents your emotions and inner world, and the Sun your core identity, eclipses are well-known for revealing our shadow material. Therefore, some emotional discomfort may arise when they occur. Receive such feelings with open arms. This is your opportunity to consciously let go of past issues that are no longer serving you.

Eclipses reveal what needs to end before a new cycle begins. Be aware of the patterns that have been repeating themselves, so you only carry forward that which is valuable for your future self. Resolving old issues will bring new frequencies into your life and guide you towards your soul mission.

Aligning with shifts:

For this eclipse season, those with fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo) were likely to feel these energies most intensely, but everyone was impacted by the astrological shift – if only subtly. As a collective, many changes occurred in the political and economic sphere. There was activation and expansion of spiritual and philosophical wisdom, so it was an important time to align with your truth.

Center yourself through meditation:

When you experience shifts towards accelerated awareness, grounding yourself through a regular practice that supports your body, mind, and soul is important. In soulloop app under My Meditations, the most powerful meditations for energy alignment for this eclipse were:

– Scorpio Meditation

– Taurus Meditation

– Full Moon Meditation

– Chakra alignment meditation

Eclipses are also a great time to set new intentions. You are continually growing and adapting, and the universe will always support you to reach your potential. Trust that these cycles of transformation are leading you towards your purpose.