The Art of Slowing Down Over

Whenever you’re faced with changes, it’s important to master the art of relaxation, which has innumerable benefits on every level: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Prioritizing rest will support your soul to resolve unconscious tendencies, as well as provide you with the closure you need. Don’t forget, we repair when we rest and become ready for positive, new experiences to emerge!

Active vs Passive relaxation:

Ask yourself this: are you feeling tired because you are juggling too much or because you are not doing enough of what helps you to thrive?

Engage in activities that contribute to a deep sense of well-being. These will center and calm you.

  • Active relaxation practices include meditating, journaling, spending time with your loved ones and yoga. They will help you to quietly find answers to questions that you face.
  • Passive relaxation – such as watching TV or endlessly scrolling through social media – on the other hand, may distract you from your soul’s wisdom.

Follow these three tips to increase rest:

1) Every day take note of how you’re feeling in My Mood. Collecting data around how the Moon impacts your energy flow will enable you to identify when your soul requires more rest and healing.

2) Sleep is the most underrated pillar of wellness. We have an innate need for it on a cellular level. Plus dreams can offer insights into complex, hidden emotions. Take this opportunity to create new sleep habits. Log your dreams in Dream Catcher if you aren’t already, and notice what your soul is communicating to you.

3) Use the Meditation practices related to specific seasons to access your initiative and power for new beginnings. For example, during the spring equinox, use Aries meditation. Flow with what is unfolding for you and be clear about your intentions!

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