The art of restorative sleep

Virgo season is a time for self-improvement and new beginnings. As you naturally become drawn to making lifestyle changes, remember that sleep is one of the most important components of our health. It also touches every aspect of our wellbeing. 

What are the stages of sleep?

One sleep cycle lasts roughly 90 minutes, during which time you go through each stage:

  • Light sleep: As you transition to deep sleep, your brain’s ability to learn and remember is boosted.
  • Deep sleep: This enables physical repair and the regeneration of muscles, tissues, and cells.
  • REM sleep: A mentally-restorative stage, especially important for emotional regulation and memory.  The brain is active, and your most vivid dreams tend to occur here.
  • Awake: You may wake 10-20 times throughout your sleep cycle (generally for only a few minutes), though it’s normal not to remember this!

Did you know that theta waves are activated during lighter sleep stages, but also when you’re dreaming and meditating? During these times, an interaction occurs between the conscious and unconscious mind, which enables you to have deeper insights.

Therefore, it’s possible to boost these super brain waves by engaging in the meditation and visualization practices available in soulloop app!

Top tips to boost your sleep hygiene:

  1. Get natural light within 30 minutes of waking to regulate your circadian rhythm (your natural body clock).
  2. Move and exercise your body daily to encourage sleep in the evening.
  3. Keep blue light gadgets outside of the bedroom.
  4. Note 3 things you’re grateful for first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
  5. Set an intention for the next day before you go to bed.

If you can, spend a few minutes every night in a meditative state before going to sleep, it can help put the day aside so you can unwind…