Taking stock

This week’s lunar eclipse is the last in the sign of Scorpio until May 2031. Later this year, we’ll also have the last lunar eclipse in Taurus until October 2031. As we near the end of the Scorpio/Taurus axis themes, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the growth and transformation we have been experiencing.

The axis of Scorpio and Taurus

Taurus represents our ability to create and mold physical reality, while Scorpio is associated with our power of regeneration and emotional transformation. The combination of the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio collectively prompts us to harness our resourcefulness, build prosperity and stability, and at the same time, dive into our depths and tap into our inner power.

Since January 2022, we have been learning about the deeper aspects of ourselves, and transforming patterns that no longer serve us. We have learned to trust our intuition and embrace what is beyond our control, even when it feels uncomfortable. We have also explored our perception of our values, finances, material possessions, and learned to find our potential for abundance that was waiting within us all along.

Carrying the Scorpio energy forward:

Throughout the cycle of eclipses, as we transform patterns – in specific personal themes and areas of life – this enables us to release and accomplish our potential in the opposite area of life. 

Learn more on the themes and areas you’re deeply experiencing, and the potential you’re tapping into:

  • Tune into the depths of transformation with Soulloop app’s Scorpio meditation
  • Harness the power of the lunar cycle with Soulloop app’s Full Moon meditation
  • Check where Scorpio is in your Birth Chart in the Soulloop app. That’s the house the eclipse is energizing the most:

Lunar eclipse in natal house 1

You tend to be secretive about yourself and may have been considering a completely new image for yourself. Powerful emotions and deeply rooted memories have been moving you to re-start your identity, how you show yourself in the world, driven to work on your physical body and appearance. 

Lunar eclipse in natal house 2

You are naturally gifted to know the worth of everything, including your self-worth, which you have been building up. Emotions and memories have been encouraging you to grow both personal skills and resources, passionate about beauty and harmony, as well as grounded stability.

Lunar eclipse in natal house 3

Your skilled and caring way leads you to organize practical life, improving yours and of those around you. Inspiring memories and strong emotions have been moving you to develop one or several of your abilities, focused on using them with efficiency and productively.  

Lunar eclipse in natal house 4

You feel at ease being in the spotlight, leading and inspiring others. Deeply rooted memories and powerful emotions have been impeling you to use your gift of charisma at home, nurturing those you consider your family, and all that builds your emotional foundation.

Lunar eclipse in natal house 5 

With a sensitive, protective nature, you rely on your intuition and feelings to feel secure. Deep emotions and early memories have been starting you in a path of self-expression, channelling your creativity and encouraging you to take your place in the spotlight. 

Lunar eclipse in natal house 6 

You are always curious and love movement, and may have been considering changes in the way you manage your everyday activity. Deeply imprinted memories and stirring emotions have been stimulating you to balance your overall energy with work and routines that support your health.

Lunar eclipse in natal house 7

Your sensually grounded way of being in the world is enhanced through partnership, that you may have been trying to grow from stability to fulfilment. Deeply rooted memories and emotions have been showing you how personal transformation can lead to mutual benefit and greater self-worth.

Lunar eclipse in natal house 8

With a dynamic troubleshooting energy, you are always set for quick resolutions, and may have been focused on your own personal transformation. Early memories and emotions have been showing you inner resources that enable self-discovery and deep regeneration. 

  • Lunar eclipse in natal house 9: Your empathic, almost psychic nature attunes you boundlessly to the universe and to others and you may have been wondering on the meaning and purpose of your gift of connection. Early memories and emotions have been inspiring you to find spiritual and philosophical ways to express it.
  • Lunar eclipse in natal house 10: Your independent, open-minded approach to life has been shaping your most inspiring goals, and you’ve been determined to establish them. Deeply rooted emotions and memories have been validating your experience and enlightening you on the stages that lead to accomplishment.
  • Lunar eclipse in natal house 11: Your determined, achieving drive keeps you on the path of life goals that you’ve been trying to attain on your own. Deeply rooted memories and emotions have been encouraging you to rely on those you lead, to trust the acceptance of the groups or organizations you are a part of.  
  • Lunar eclipse in natal house 12: Your innate freedom of body and spirit takes you in long-distance travels, whether literal or through knowledge you acquire, eager to escape daily routine. Rooted memories and deep emotions have been enlightening you on the creative power of stillness and of everyday life detached wisdom.

As we navigate the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio for the next decade, let us continue the transformation and growth that this cycle has brought us and look forward to fulfilling our potential for abundance that lies ahead. Keep tapping into the depths of your inner power and trust in the journey.