Sync with the Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents your deepest physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Psychologically, it represents your inner self, which is led by emotions and intuition. It’s the ruler of Cancer and associated with the home and relationships.

The Moon is also the quickest, most changeable, and most movable celestial body. Over the course of each month, it moves through all the signs, illuminating their themes and it makes aspects to all other planets. By exchanging its energy to all signs and planets in such a short period, the Moon constantly updates collective needs and emotions.

Here’s how to decode and best utilize the different phases of the Moon:

New Moon – Set intentions and embark on new beginnings.

Waxing Moon – Overcome challenges and persevere.

First Quarter Moon – Step out and take action towards your goals. 

Full Moon – Gain clarity, have ‘Aha’ moments and celebrate wins. 

Third Quarter Moon – Revise, realign, and re-adjust intentions.

Waning Moon – Release, let go, and review. 

Ways to connect to the Moon with soulloop app:

  • Rate your wellbeing, tune into the flow of energy and assemble data using my mood.
  • Cancer season is a favorable time to focus on relationships. Take this time to nurture and be nurtured. Enhance your relationships by using the personalized heart chakra meditations, YAM mantra, and breathing meditations found in personal relationships.
  • Read about your Moon sign in your Birth Chart. This’ll give you clues about your emotional responses, how to fulfill your needs, and what makes you feel safe.

When you sync with the Moon, you optimize your energy to plan and pace your life.