Soul to Soul

How are your relationships?

Venus and Mars are aligned in Capricorn, calling us to strengthen our partnerships to create lasting bonds.


Every type of partnership requires care, attention and commitment in order to evolve. When we invest in our relationships, we mutually flourish – two people growing together, becoming better versions of themselves on a journey of shared victories and individual triumphs.

Connect yourself

Dialogue is the heart of successful relationships. It creates a space where both voices are heard, respected and celebrated. Through dialogue, we express empathy, open ourselves to vulnerabilities and share dreams. In return, we receive the gift of understanding ourselves through the reflection of what we project onto others and we see the transformation inside and outside of us.

The fullness of a relationship where both speak to the soul, generates admiration, respect and deep and lasting bonds.

Soul to soul

Improve your relationships with “Soul to Soul” in the Soulloop app. You will be surprised by the astrological insights that enhance your communication and empathy, and allow you to create deeper connections, through the soul.

Add contacts with their date of birth (no need of time) of as many people as you want, and enjoy!

Share your profile, understand each person’s communication style, and truly connect!

With love,