Social Buzz

Gear yourself up for the coming social buzz! It’s time to smoothly network your way around.

Friendships, business opportunities, trips, new interests and many conversations about it all, is the signature energy of Jupiter in Gemini, coming soon to our lives. 

A dynamic period starts from May 25, to embrace the community spirit and make the most of the opportunities to learn and grow together.

Expand your circles

Welcome your thirst for knowledge and intellectual curiosity. Explore new ideas, seek out diverse perspectives, debate them – make up your mind, and then change it! 

Expand your social network, share your thoughts with a broader audience, consider that trip you were invited to! All the while, prepare emotionally and spiritually for the influx…

Go with the flow with the Soulloop app

Openness and adaptability are key during this transit and the Soulloop app walks with you through all the excitement and change:

  • Stay grounded with tailored mindfulness practices. Maintain mental clarity, and manage information overload with guided meditations, yoga practices, and soothing harmonic frequencies.
  • Enhance your communication skills with personalized advice. Navigate social interactions with confidence and clarity reading about the Mercury placement in your Birth Chart, and exploring the tool Improve your Relationships, to learn about your and others’ communication styles.

And now, relish in moments of impromptu and fun!

With love,

Priscila x