Shine Bright like the Sun

Rising like clockwork, the Sun is the star that gifts you with a new beginning every day. At the center of our solar system, it conducts and orchestrates all other planets – including Earth, enabling all life to exist here.

What does the Sun represent in astrology?

The Sun captures your identity, overarching personality and how you naturally shine. It represents your essence. With the energy of the Sun, you find inspiration and then creatively find ways to achieve your personal aspirations. Its interaction with the other planets in your Birth Chart in the astrological app presents clues about your individuality, life goals, and soul purpose!

The Sun changes sign roughly every 30 days, and each month brings with it a new astrological energy aligned to each of the zodiac signs. They all have a unique archetypal energy:

  • Aries – The Warrior: Brave, bold, and action-orientated.
  • Taurus – The Sensualist. Steady, grounded, and dedicated.
  • Gemini – The Messenger. Playful and curious, the storyteller of the Zodiac.
  • Cancer – The Nurturer. Nurturing and caring, with a tendency for introversion.
  • Leo – The Creator. Creative, consistent, and playful!
  • Virgo – The Healer. Caring, compassionate, and altruistic.
  • Libra – The Diplomat. Seeker of harmony and balance.
  • Scorpio – The Alchemist. A truth-seeker passionate about deep transformation.
  • Sagittarius – The Explorer. Born traveler, adventurer and free spirited.
  • Capricorn – The Ruler. Hardworking, responsible, and ambitious!
  • Aquarius – The Maverick. Sign of the Humanitarian and the innovator.
  • Pisces – The Spiritualist. Creative, intuitive, and spiritual.

When you enhance self-love, you shine your light on the world. Go to soulloop app, choose Personal Relationships, and under Love yourself, follow the practices in order:

  • Heart Chakra Meditation: to expand your capacity to love and be loved. 
  • Conscious Breathing Exercise: to arrive in the present moment.
  •  Identify Your Essence: for deep insights into how you fundamentally relate to yourself.
  • Basket of Flowers Mudra: to generously share with others.
  • YAM Mantra for Heart Chakra: to activate your heart energy center and stimulate your ability to love.
  • Asana for Heart Chakra Activation: to open your heart and connect to its energy center.
  • Complete Breathing Exercise: to build on your breathing practices through the four phases of breathing, and enhance your energy.
  • Manifest Self-Love: to embrace your nature, and move forward with a healthy love for yourself.