Report: Download of health apps in Brazil grows faster than world average

A survey by the international consultancy App Annie points to a 45% growth in the total number of apps downloaded in the country in 2020

Throughout 2020, Brazilians downloaded more wellness and health apps, also spending more time on them. According to a survey by the international consultancy App Annie, the total downloads of these applications grew 45% in Brazil, compared to 2019. The number is greater than the world high, which was 30%.

Among the main downloads are medical applications with information about Coronavirus, the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as tools for physical exercise, yoga practices, meditation, home life, among others.

ESPM’s sociology of consumption professor, Fábio Mariano Borges, recalls that the experience of health services on digital platforms ended up being improved all over the world in recent months. “Here in Brazil, there was a significant movement, in which the most resistant doctors and healthcare companies joined the digital and began to provide care at a distance”, he says.

The “State Of Mobile 2021” study measured the growth of apps on iOS and Android devices in different countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. In the Americas, Brazil leads in download growth, ahead of countries like Mexico, Argentina, Canada and the United States.

“Once the consumer tests the app experience, even if it’s not entirely satisfactory, it starts solving their problems. And he won’t back down. It’s a path of no return”, observes Borges.

Entry into the segment

With an eye on this market, businesswoman Priscila Lima de Charbonnières has migrated the services she offers to the virtual environment. In 2019, she created the Soulloop platform for people interested in astrology, psychology, yoga, among other areas of wellness. And now, it prepares to launch a version of the project in an application.

The forecast is that the app will be available until the second quarter in different countries, in English and Portuguese. The app will also feature free and paid plans. “I saw this very rapid shift to technology and needed to bring my service accessible to people globally. The pandemic accelerated this process a lot, our social networks grew a lot, 72%. And we feel an increasing and constant demand”, he says.

In all, Priscila has a team of 25 people working on the development of the application in countries like the United States, England and Brazil. “This whole process was not easy. I’ve been working on the app I’m about to release for two years now. It involves technology and self-knowledge, two things that we are managing to unite. If we don’t adapt, we stay out of this new era”.

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