Dear Soulloopers,

In the universe, all energy is in constant motion and expansion. And so it happens in life too, since we are particles within this flow of energy. Movement and transformation take place from our cells to our consciousness, so we are in a constant process of renewal in all forms.

The end of any process generates a transfer of energy to new possibilities in different directions. When any process is concluded, energy takes charge in opening new fronts, creating new possibilities.

Some astrological transits enhance this energy of renewal and facilitate the creation of new space to start anew. This week, there are two transits that offer the chance for rebirth.

💫Opposition between the Sun and Pluto. With this energy you may restart your inspiration with new goals. You are more aware of your inner power, a primal energy that prompts you to celebrate and express conscious self-improvement, with new aims that channel your rejuvenated vigor. 

💫Opposition between Mars and Saturn. You can put in the effort to assert your motivation, or realize it is wiser to stop it altogether for now. You are more aware of the cause-and-effect process in your actions, and may lead yourself with caution, open to letting go of the outcome.

Every ending brings a beginning

Acceptance is key to understanding closure and seeing it as the fertile ground of a rebirth, the opportunity of a new beginning, where you return to your path. Once we embrace reality, we are ready to make changes and move forward. 

Approach times of shift with fluidity, flowing with it. This requires living in the present moment. By staying aware, you can let go of the past and create your future.

Use the Soulloop app to stay present

💫 Check in daily with Mood. By logging how you’re feeling, you arrive in the here and now in sync with the lunar phase, channelling its energy to choose the best moment to attain your goals, pause, or adapt.

💫 Breathing exercises, like the Conscious and Complete Breathing, are scientifically proven ways to increase your awareness and enliven your energy.

💫 Explore Soulloop Meditations to relax, sleep and manage stress. Immerse yourself in guided inductions and Solfeggio, Schuman and brainwave frequencies to thrive in holistic wellness.

Embrace the transformative power of closure and the possibilities of new beginnings.