What if you could reset your mind and body, regenerate, reprogram, and enliven your creativity, all at the same time?

Yoganidra is the blissful escape where you journey between sleep and wakefulness into the depths of your consciousness, unwinding, finding tranquillity, and inspiration. 

The name translates as ‘yoga’ meaning ‘union’ and ‘nidra’ meaning ‘sleep’, and it defines merging your awareness with your inner world to a harmonious connection.

At a cellular level, 20 minutes of yoganidra has the same restorative benefits as 2 to 4 hours of deep sleep! It can help your body shift from the responsive mode to a deep state of relaxation, similar to a dreamless sleep. It can also boost your immune function, lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone), and improve sleep quality.

Research has shown that even in a deep state of relaxation, you can maintain a heightened state of awareness, which improves focus and clarity, promotes a sense of inner peace, and opens the portal of creativity.

Self-care and growth through Yoganidra are transformative experiences. Soulloop app’s Yoganidra meditations are designed to restore your whole-self wellness, and enhance your potential, through blissful relaxation practices for daytime or before sleep. 

Wishing you a deep relaxation and a profound connection with yourself. 🧘💫

Priscila x