Relationships that heal 

This week we may notice a shift in the way we relate. In the role and place relationships have in our life, in how we share, in how we communicate, with the energy of Mercury in Pisces, and we are especially aware of the healing power of relationships, with the energy of the conjunction of Venus to Jupiter in Aries, both conjunct Chiron.

Astrologically, Venus and Jupiter are supportive energies of counselling, health and happiness, while Chiron, the wounded healer that represents our vulnerabilities, is the energy of self-healing that provides experience and know-how to heal others.

With the merging of these three energies, we are in a favorable moment to heal issues of self-worth, to mend relational vulnerability, and to realize that love and the important relationships in our life have a mutually healing power.

How relationships transform our vulnerabilities  

Research on the connection between relationships and wellbeing has shown that people with rich communities and connections — those with partners, close family, and intimate friendships — live longer, recover from illness quicker, and are more likely to heal and grow as individuals.

Often our deepest vulnerabilities and wounds come from some form of relational or familial matter so, for the most part, the healing should also be experienced in a safe and healthy relationship. 

In a healing relationship, presence and safety with another is crucial — an empathetic, patient presence that can provide support while we process our experiences.

Healing relationships involve ongoing exchanges of energy to help each party continue to change, adapt, and grow, both individually and together. They are based in reciprocal warmth and connection that creates a state of integration in the brain that builds increased compassion, kindness, and resilience.

Dates to tap into your healing gift

With slow planets, such as Jupiter and Chiron, the energy of their conjunctions is felt for up to a week before and after the exact moment they join. There is plenty of time to make the most of this energy of awakening:

🗓️ February 28 – March 18: Enjoy the stream of opportunities for inner healing that are there for you to find solutions and greater meaning — experiences you can share to help others heal as well, with the energy of Jupiter in the orb of conjunction to Chiron. 

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🗓️ March 2:  Open up to empathetic energy and a dose of realism. There’s an empathetic energy in the air, with the spotlight on relationships, and a boost to your understanding and communication. A dose of realism expands your network of contacts in mutually beneficial situations, and socializing takes center stage with the energy of Mercury in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Saturn, and Venus conjunct Jupiter.

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🗓️ March 3: Understand and embrace vulnerability. With a greater connection to the healing potential of love, affection, and bonding — the mutually supportive effect of relationships in understanding and embracing vulnerability, with the energy of Venus conjunct Chiron.

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Authentic communication brings about constructive outcomes and builds meaning, healing yourself and others.