Reinvent Your Own Course

What can you do in this moment of transformation? 

With Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, open your eyes, ears and mind!

Embrace a broader perspective in your life and make long term goals from this expanded, innovative viewpoint.

It’s a time of change, to create space for the new, while spiritual seeds take root in our collective awareness. 

Awake for the New

If you feel called to question the status quo, challenge outdated beliefs, and seek greater autonomy in your life, this is the moment to reflect on your goals and where you’re headed. 

Do your goals reflect your free, authentic self, or rather the wishes and expectations of others? What do you truly aspire for yourself and for the world around you? 

With Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries, both in their own signs and in aspect to Pluto this week, you can move forward with your personal goals and make positive changes in your relationships. 

It’s time to get it done, and feel great about it! 

✨Find practices to connect you with your direction with the Purpose Journey on the Soulloop app, bringing you insights on the changes to come. 

Transforms your energy

Exploring our inner depth can aid us in understanding how to best navigate change and transform the energy to recriate the future. Here’s how:

  • Meditate. Through meditation, you uncover beliefs and patterns that may be creating repetitive behavior, to transform them into new action toward your true potential. 

✨Heighten your focus and intuition through the Soulloop app Third Eye Chakra meditation – a guided meditation that activates the energy center connected to your inner wisdom.

  • Dream. Dreamwork can illuminate patterns, and often foreshadow changes to come. Exploring the symbolism and meaning of dreams offers insights into your unconscious world. 

✨Keep your Dream journal on the Soulloop app to record and review your dreams, increasing your self-awareness.

  • Connect. By reconnecting with the wisdom of the body and accessing the intelligence within, we manifest yourself consciously and experience change with grace. 

✨Breathwork, sound healing, and yoga practices provide the integration of body, mind and soul. Combine all three practices with the Soulloop app.

Be here now, present to plan the future. Think big, anything is possible. You are the creator of your reality!

With love,

Priscila x