Quieten the mind and expand your horizons

This week I’ve been reflecting on a pattern we’ll all know well: when life gets busier, so do our minds – racing 10x faster than verbal dialogue, at more than 4,000 words per minute. In the midst of all these thoughts, it is important to find space to tune into what really matters: your inner voice.

Taking two minutes out of your daily life to practice meditation in short breaks can be transformative. You start noticing the difference in your state of consciousness. This awareness increases with the regularity of the pauses and you naturally find yourself in mindfulness.

Optimize your inner voice

Your internal discourse has the power to change your brain. When you focus your mind on what you want, you materialize the intention on the mental and then the physical planes, empowering you. The brain’s neuroplasticity is constantly active, forming new neurological circuitry, and generating more connections between your intentions and materialization. As the network is strengthened, so is the possibility of your intention becoming reality.

Each of us has the potential to train our thought process. By visualizing the results through positive thinking, you are more capable of accomplishing them. Follow these tips as well.

To boost the power of awareness

Recognize: Pause and connect with your internal voice. 

Reprogram: Transform negative thought patterns into positive ones. Reflect and start looking at them from a new perspective.

Take a break

Today, Mercury is opposite Mars in Gemini. As Gemini’s ruling planet, this opposition creates a powerful energy that’ll stick around for the next week. Be mindful of how you think and communicate.

Observe the environment around you and find a place that feels comfortable to re-energize yourself.

  • Identify your emotional needs with insights into your capacity to grow and face new experiences in Emotions & Wellbeing on the Soulloop app.
  • Practice the Solar Plexus meditation and build your self-confidence.

Notice which outdated patterns can be transformed. Recognize how far you’ve come and keep going.