Yin Yang

The pendular nature of balance has always been noted in ancient philosophies across the world. One of the most well known is the Chinese concept of yin and yang, two opposite but interconnected forces. When in balance, we experience them as a unity — a feeling of wholeness within ourselves.

We enact this duality in many ways and try to balance it in our daily life. Examples of yin activities are taking a bath, practicing yoga, or having a nap. Yang activities would be going for a run or leading a meeting at work. When we tip the scales toward more yin or more yang, we find the need to restore the balance. 

If you feel too much yang energy in your life, you can: 

  • prioritize rest, 
  • do stretching exercises, 
  • meditate,
  • craft a relaxing night time routine. 

If you sense too much yin energy, you can:

  • create an energizing morning routine,
  • socialize,
  • take higher intensity workouts,
  • try something new and leave your comfort zone.

By experiencing this rebalancing within ourselves, we are naturally driven toward self-discovery, a starting point to our evolution and wellbeing.

A favourable moment

This week we may be surprised by a feeling of being whole, as the energy available brings us the opportunity of experiencing the balance of yin and yang energies.

This balance occurs as a swaying pendulum that is all around us in nature, in every ecosystem, in society, in our heart and mind.

This is the moment to experience the inner rebalancing that expands your awareness and nurtures our highest potential.

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Go after your dreams. The energy is right to make them real. Set intentions and listen to what your night dreams are telling you. Record them in Dreams and reflect on the messages from your unconscious with a guided enquiry. Review your library of memories regularly and be curious about how themes in your dreams link to your Birth Chart.

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As the poet Fernando Pessoa said: ‘To be great, be whole […] Be whole in everything’. 

You have the power to feel whole and the tools to achieve it.