Stepping into your full potential

What inspires you – and how to get there.

The universe is giving us first class tickets to step into our true potential, with Venus entering Aries and the Sun aligning with the North Node and Chiron.

This is a time of recognizing and nurturing the unique talents, strengths, and possibilities within yourself. 

And it starts with profound self-awareness – understanding your values, and making conscious choices. 

Here are some ways to get to know yourself

  • Take time for self-care, it could be an easy 10 minutes at the end of the day to check in with yourself. Over time this compounds into greater self-knowing.
  • Meditating offers you the space to notice what’s present in your mind and heart each day, what it is that you want and where you’re heading.

✨Do the Chakra Opening Meditation on the Soulloop app to drop into each energy centres in the body, receiving clarity.

With this deepened self-connection you can experience clarity and motivation to take action, set goals and stay open to new experiences and learning opportunities.

Here are some ways to get to know yourself

The North Node plays a pivotal role in guiding us towards fulfillment. It’s like having a roadmap to our life, with the North Node as our unexplored potential, and our Sun sign as the guiding light. 

✨To inspire you on your self-discovery path, we’ve created the Purpose Journey on the Soulloop app – with guided practices to connect with your inner calling and purpose, personalized by the North Node placement on your Birth Chart.

Soulloop app Zodiac Meditations connect you to the energy of both your Sun sign and North Node sign to complement your journey.

As you navigate your journey of self-discovery, tap into the cosmic energy that best resonates with you, aligning you with your purpose. 

Chart your path with clarity and determination!

Com amor,