Soulloop and Brooks Nader are buzzing in LA

We’ve just arrived in LA for a stellar lineup, teaming up with Brooks Nader at the Western Hollywood Edition Hotel to celebrate the astrological new year and Women’s Month.

Amplie a consciência

Mindfulness é a consciência de si mesmo no presente. 

A prática da atenção plena alimenta a conexão mente-corpo-alma e promove a inteligência emocional. 

Uma maior consciência de si traz propósito e significado mais profundos na vida. Estando presente e consciente, você se move na direção da missão da sua alma. 

Soulloop’s visionary founder, Priscila Lima de Charbonnières, alongside Brooks will be dedicated to honoring feminine power and exploring how astrology can guide us on our journey of self-awareness, connecting us to the divine feminine energy. 

Stay tuned! We’ll be updating all the details so you can join in on the celebration with our global community, thriving on the power of transformation and manifestation of your dreams! 🚀✨

Patterns turned into potential

At Soulloop, we’re all about turning patterns into potential.

Get ready to ride the wave of transformation and action as we head into a new astrological year!

Starting March 20, the new astrological year kicks off, ruled by Saturn and already under the transformative vibe of Pluto’s shift into Aquarius. Can you feel the buzz?

This blend of energies calls for a delicate dance between focus and adaptability, urging us to harness our motivation while remaining open to the change that brings personal growth.

It’s all about finding that sweet spot where we stay committed to our long-term vision while delving deep into our emotions, shedding light on unconscious patterns and paving the way for profound transformation.

Com amor,