Eclipse Solar em Áries

Are you ready to make the changes that enable you to manifest your full potential?

Today’s total solar eclipse in Aries calls you to look inward, increase self-reliance, and become more aware of the qualities and experiences you need to develop to fulfill your life purpose and soul’s mission.

The next few days are an ideal moment to connect to the stream of insights, vivid dreams, and synchronicities inspiring you to change yourself and your life over the next 6 months.

The energy of this eclipse emphasizes the need to plan a fresh start and take bold steps in pursuit of your goals, with a deeper understanding of how you relate and communicate. 

Knowing where healing and personal growth are needed in your life will allow you to align soul and personality, and manifest your potential.

Here’s how the energy of this eclipse will unfold for you

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Self-awareness, and insights on how you embody who you are can change the way you perceive and express yourself in the world.


You are realizing that limitations develop resourcefulness, freeing you to relinquish values you would otherwise hold on to.


How important is the validation of others to your happiness? You may realize that the support you need comes from your own resilience.


Success is a state of mind and, in your case, also a state of heart. Achieving in the world nurtures you as much as achieving to nurture others in your world.


A broadening of perspective shows you that self-centeredness IS self-awareness. There’s new meaning to being at the center of your world.


Your world is transforming along with your body. Naming emotions and knowing where they are embodied is remapping your reality.


A new awareness of self-worth and mutual benefit is re-shaping the role of others in your life. Connect to the unknown openness of the audience that awaits you.


There’s depth and magnetic grip to the routine you choose. You may realize that your well-being requires investment and probing dedication.


Creative breakthroughs can unravel qualities in yourself and in the world that you’ve been long waiting for. Life is inspiration.  


A shift in priorities and goals is turning you to the place you belong. Home is the comfort you find in yourself first.


Challenges to the comfort of your detachment can require new skills, communication style, and instructions to navigate your nearest environment.


It is ok to be driven to material achievement and prosperity. It is time to let your creativity and openness manifest the good things in life.

Take time to listen to your intuition as you set intentions for the next 6 months under this New Moon in Aries.

Com amor,