Self Care, Your Way

Looking to renew your self-care? 

As Venus enters Pisces, you may feel a surge in sensitivity – an emboldened energy encouraging you to connect deeply with your emotions, your artistic expression, and your self-care. 

And with Mercury moving into Aries, you can take deliberate action to boost your practices of self-care. 

Ready to forge your own path to self-care through the Soulloop app?

Decode your dreams

The energy of Venus in Pisces amplifies the connection between dreams and intuition, making it an ideal time to integrate dream exploration into your self-care. 

Understanding the messages in your dreams is an insightful experience, to assess how you are living in the present moment, transform vulnerabilities and identify your potential. Understanding your dreams can foster self-awareness, and spark creative ideas, innovative solutions, and artistic expression. 

Com Soulloop app’s Dreams, it’s simple:

  • Set the stage to recall your dreams with a nightly intention.
  • Connect dream themes to your birth chart for more insights.
  • Review later to understand better the messages encoded in your dreams.

Hear yourself clearly

Take action in your self-care routine with guided meditations, and music that caters to your needs.

  • Soulloop Meditations meet you exactly where you’re at any given moment, whether you wish to focus, relax, sleep, or feel harmonious and confident. 
  • no Soulloop Music, immerse yourself in the harmonic vibrations of the Solfeggio, Schumann, and brainwave frequencies, experiencing the healing power of sounds that restore harmony and soothe your soul.

Let intuition lead

  • Soulloop Journeys are a creative way to self-nurture, for you to experience your birth chart reading, and manifest transformation. These meditations are tailored to your birth chart, they enhance your intuition by connecting the unique energy of your planets and chakras.

Select a life area, and embark on a transformative Journey. Dive into exercises designed to master your energy, align you with your potential, activating particular chakras and corresponding planets. After answering coaching-style questions, explore astrological tips based on your birth chart. 

Whatever Journey you are pulled towards, Soulloop app empowers you to build your dream life by tapping into the answers within.

When self-care is personalized and creative, you are enabled to take action.

With warmth,