Open yourself up to the world

With all planets in direct motion and a waxing Moon going through signs that open us up to communication, bonding, and caring, it’s time to go out into the world with open arms.

Nurturing uniqueness

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll seek to bond with others while

living out our uniqueness.

There’s a spotlight on our urge to relate while being ourselves — our

energy focused on relationships, with the trine of Mercury, the planet vof communication, to Uranus, the planet of uniqueness. By managing this balance, we strengthen our autonomy and independence.

Pesquisas has shown that having a personal sense of uniqueness enhances wellbeing. By leaning into our individuality, we are more likely to live authentically.  With our behaviors aligned with our beliefs and emotions, we feel happier and able to attract like-minded people. 

The experience of fluency

Experiencing ease, knowing when something feels authentic, feeling aligned with our true self, are signs of what psychologists call fluency. New studies and understanding of authenticity suggest that when you let feelings of fluency be your guide, you find what you’ve been looking for all along: your authentic, unique self.

The feeling of being different but not alone gives you freedom to make your own choices and carve your own path, and ultimately live an authentic life. You are free to explore who you are.

Date for your diary:

🗓️ February 5: Full Moon in Leo highlights the things in our life that boost our self-confidence. Combined with the energy of the square of the Sun and Moon to Uranus, it calls attention to what brings us the freedom to live and express our uniqueness.

Enjoy this boost, as the Moon energizes our openness to the world, how we feel and express our needs, and respond to everything around us.

Your creative self

Today more than ever, independence is essential for a creative life in society, a trait to cherish: trusting our heart, mind, and body, while also relying on technology and the change that innovation brings. Developing autonomy boosts self-esteem and gives the confidence to navigate our journey with a positive outlook.

Make the most of the energy of the moment:

Use these practices in the Soulloop app to stimulate your creative potential: a gift given only to you. Cherish your uniqueness and share it with others.

  • Previsões astrológicas diárias. Nos Trânsitos, você pode acessar previsões personalizadas com base na troca de energia entre os planetas em trânsito e seu Mapa Natal. Essenciais para te alinhar com seu propósito, mostram o impacto em sua energia, humor e abordagem da vida.
  • Um instantâneo das estrelas no momento em que você nasceu. Ao inserir sua data, hora e local de nascimento, você acessa seu Mapa Natal e pode descobrir o propósito de sua alma e como aproveitar seu poder interior.
  • Acompanhe seu humor em cada fase da lua. Com My Mood, você descobre o impacto que o ciclo lunar tem no seu bem-estar emocional e físico e pode potencializar a sua energia, planejando a sua vida de forma eficiente.

Espero de todo o coração que gostem deste presente, comunidade Soulloop.