Life awaits beyond the comfort zone

Life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone. And Soulloop app is beside you on that step into unexplored territory. 

With Pluto now definitely in Aquarius, and still conjunct the Sun, you may feel more driven to understand your motivations, eager to accomplish your purpose in life, transcending any limitation.

Your comfort zone is your natural, neutral state, a safe haven. It can also be the boundary that keeps you from manifesting your full potential. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone is about lowering resistance, building confidence, and exploring new horizons, motivating you to deal with conditioning and its signs, such as concern, or anxiety.

Venture Beyond

Confidence is the key to leaving your neutral state of comfort. step out into the unknown and with the compass aimed at the sensation and pleasure of exploring something completely new.

That is the place where you start manifesting your potential. 

All that comes your way are opportunities that you can turn into wisdom and knowledge. 

Explore Your Inner Power with Soulloop app

Take the first step, starting with self-confidence. 

Soulloop app offers the journey Activate inner power, in Sex and Empowerment, with a specific coaching process to ignite your life force, confidence, and personal power.

Step 1

Start with the Root Chakra Meditation, to activate your life force and personal power through a short guided induction. 

Step 2

Os Conscious Breathing brings your awareness to your breath to arrive in the present moment.

Step 3

Identify Your Strengths is a personalized meditation according to your Birth Chart, for you to gain deep insights into what governs your confidence.

Step 4

The gesture Earth Trinity Mudra connects you with your earthly consciousness and grounds you in the material world. 

Step 5

Chant the LAM Mantra, to strengthen your sexuality, activating your root chakra. 

Step 6

Execute the Asana for Root Chakra Activation, a position that stimulates the flow of vital energy flow.

Step 7

Com a Complete Breathing you experience the four phases of breathing, and focus deeply.

Step 8

Manifest Your Inner Power is a closing meditation for you to capture your primal energy and route to empowerment. 

Each step offers astrological insights, as you experience how the energy of your root chakra combines with the energy of the placement of Pluto in your birth chart. 

Visit the Soulloop app now, go to práticas, find Sex and Empowerment, and choose Activate Inner Power. Let your adventure begin.

Com amor,