It’s showtime 

Practicality breeds results!

With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Taurus, and a Waxing Moon in Virgo, this is a moment for grounded determination and focused analysis – the perfect to achieve your aims.

Practical and objective planning lays the groundwork for success, and clarifies the direction for our initiatives and execution with the resilience necessary to transcend challenges.

Together – planning and action – form a feedback loop, propelling us toward tangible results and continuous learning and growth. 


Start by brewing up some strategies. 

✨Explore the planet Mercury in your Mapa Natal no Soulloop app for insights on the way you think, and prepare for action. 

For instance, if your Mercury is in Virgo, meticulous attention to detail is key in the planning process. If it’s in Pisces, infuse creativity into the process, allowing imagination to shape your strategic moves.

Action Steps 

Then, bring intentional action. 

When launching a new project, starting a new business, or pursuing a passion project, every move counts, and responses often come in a surprising way. Be open to follow them.

✨Go to the Soulloop app, read about Mars in your Mapa Natal and strengthen your drive to achieve goals. 

If your Mars is in Capricorn, the challenge is stimulating. If it’s in Sagittarius, freedom and space to improvise are the fuel that keep your creative juices flowing.

It’s time to act on your vision and start the intentional steps to bring it to fruition.

Com amor,