How do you commit?

What truly motivates you to commit to the people in your life?

The importance of belonging

Committed relationships provide emotional fulfillment, rooted in early unconscious memories and childhood connection. Committing to a relationship grants us a sense of belonging, by knowing we’re an integral part of someone’s world.

Experience love profoundly

The Personal Relationships Journey of the Soulloop app was created to grow your awareness of how you relate. 

Through heart-centered practices like the Meditação do Chakra do Coração do aplicativo Soulloop, Conscious e Complete Breathing, and self-discovery questions, you can expand your potential to both give and receive love.

This journey shows how you relate to those around you, how you nurture your potential to heal yourself and others, and how you can attract more love into your life.

Your path to relate more deeply starts now.

Com amor,