Happy Astrological New Year

Happy Astrological New Year!

Tomorrow, the Sun enters Aries, and a new astrological year begins, with Saturn as its ruler. At the Aries Equinox, day and night have the same duration, and the magnetic energy of the Sun drives new beginnings throughout Nature. Wherever you are on Earth, take bold steps in the present moment.

This is the best time of the year to launch projects, initiating endeavours that require courage and a pioneering spirit. Take the lead in all areas of your life, and make decisions that align with your personal drive and authentic self.

Harness healing energy

As the new cosmic cycle begins, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node conjunct in Aries, indicating a yearly period focused on improving communication and thinking, and transforming patterns in order to explore the uncharted territory of your full potential.  

Mercury represents the intellect, thought processes, the ability to communicate your ideas and to plan your life. Chiron represents vulnerability, how you can heal it, and help others heal as well. The North Node represents the potential you can manifest, through new experiences out of your comfort zone, fulfilling your soul’s mission.

Transform patterns to manifest your potential

Are your emotions leading the way? Seize the moment, dive into self-discovery, and embrace authenticity. Seek guidance from your support system, exploring new perspectives and pathways to fulfillment.

Throughout this astrological year, your soul’s mission and life path may be closely tied to how you think and communicate your ideas to others, and how you experiment with life to find your way through. You have the chance to address vulnerabilities, through healing and transforming patterns, leading you to the fulfilment of potential.

Sharing your stories and insights can be transformative. Your openness can lead to deeper connections with others as they see your authentic self, and you may find that you are able to change and grow through the act of communication itself.

Your ability to deal with challenges with a willingness to take action with a positive attitude is likely to be noticed and appreciated by others. Present new beginnings have the energy of a spiritual awakening, greater awareness, and depth of insight – and we all are more sensitive, empathetic, and inspired to connect on a deeper level.

Transform patterns to manifest your potential

While you explore your thinking, and consider changes to your communication style, the Soulloop app offers supportive and transformative tools and resources:

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Are your words matching your actions? Dive into renewing your goals, shedding old vulnerabilities as you pave a path for new adventures. Lean on your tribe for support, navigating both the inner and outer journeys of self-discovery.


Are your dreams bringing important news? Explore your intuition and dive deep into self-discovery. Strengthen community bonds and pursue projects that light up your soul. Let confidence bloom as you realign your values and welcome your unique path.


Feeling the love lately? Dive into social circles and share your ideas confidently. Rely on your crew for support, taking moments to recharge and realign your priorities as you journey through new avenues of self-expression.


Are your goals reflecting your true essence? Embrace authenticity, and let your uniqueness shine. Lean on your tribe for guidance, and be open to unexpected opportunities that align with your hopes and dreams.


Are you living your own purpose? Align your actions with your values, and watch your confidence soar. Find support from loved ones as you navigate change, and step boldly into new career opportunities that ignite your passion.


Are your emotions leading the way? Seize the moment, dive into self-discovery, and embrace authenticity. Seek guidance from your support system, exploring new perspectives and pathways to fulfillment.


Are your partnerships bringing out your best? Embrace new challenges and communicate openly with your loved ones. Seek balance in routines that nurture your well-being, taking time to recharge and reflect.


How’s your daily routine shaping you up? Prioritize health, and communicate your needs confidently. Draw strength from your closest relationships, welcoming change and remaining open to new ways of relating.


Are you expressing your creativity freely? Dive into your passions and pursue new goals with confidence. Find support in your tribe, and explore fresh routines and pathways to work and business.


Are you finding joy at home? Embrace your unique essence and communicate openly with your loved ones. Seek guidance from your support network, remaining open to new opportunities for creative growth and happiness.


Are your words aligning with your truth? Share your ideas boldly and adapt to change with confidence. Lean on your inner circle for support, welcoming transformation and new beginnings where you belong.


Are you valuing yourself? Take charge of your journey and pursue new challenges with confidence. Seek guidance from your support system as you communicate your needs and embrace your inner strength.

Have a beautiful trip around the Sun!

Com amor,