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Brilhe como o Sol

Rising like clockwork, the Sun is the star that gifts you with a new beginning every day. At the center of our solar system, it conducts and orchestrates all other planets – including Earth, enabling all life to exist here. What does the Sun represent in astrology? The Sun captures your identity, overarching personality and how you naturally shine. It represents your essence. With the energy of the Sun, you find inspiration and then creatively find ways to achieve your personal aspirations. Its interaction with the other planets in your Birth Chart in the astrological app presents clues about your individuality, life goals, and soul purpose! The Sun changes sign roughly every 30 days, and each month brings with it a new astrological energy aligned to each of the zodiac signs. They all have a unique archetypal energy: When you enhance self-love, you shine your light on the world. Go to soulloop app, choose Personal Relationships, and under Love yourself, follow the practices in order:

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Júpiter retrógrado: Faça a seu próprio caminho de sorte!

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, retrogrades, it gives you time to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest. After all, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…   Get to know the planet of growth: Jupiter reveals where you can expand ideals and visions to realize your potential. As a social planet, it represents themes that transcend beyond the individual, and is associated with collective abundance and prosperity! It spends roughly 12 to 13 months in a sign. Once a year, for about four months, it retrogrades… Retrograde refresh: During a retrograde motion (when a planet appears to travel backwards in the sky), the energy turns inwards, giving us the opportunity to re-examine our beliefs and search for spiritual growth.  As Jupiter retrogrades, connect with your inner GPS and identify what gives you purpose. Use the time to reflect on how you can transform outdated ideas and behaviors so you can course-correct. Access new insights Social planets spark insight and develop your inner wisdom. I like to think of insight as a sudden comprehension or resolution of a situation. Use the practical tools in soulloop app to cultivate this positive and expansive energy. 1.  Try the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation to activate and stimulate your energetic center of abundance. 2.  Find Jupiter in your Birth Chart. Deep dive into your spiritual growth and how you acquire prosperity in life.  3.   Keep up with regular meditation practices. Get present, focus on less, and improve your odds. It’s also important to leave space for unstructured time and thinking. Your mind needs a chance to wander and rest. Once it has, use your vision to make your own lucky path!

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A single glider hovering in the night sky in front of the full moon.

Conecte-se com a Lua

In astrology, the Moon represents your deepest physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Psychologically, it represents your inner self, which is led by emotions and intuition. It’s the ruler of Cancer and associated with the home and relationships. The Moon is also the quickest, most changeable, and most movable celestial body. Over the course of each month, it moves through all the signs, illuminating their themes and it makes aspects to all other planets. By exchanging its energy to all signs and planets in such a short period, the Moon constantly updates collective needs and emotions. Here’s how to decode and best utilize the different phases of the Moon: New Moon – Set intentions and embark on new beginnings. Waxing Moon – Overcome challenges and persevere. First Quarter Moon – Step out and take action towards your goals.  Full Moon – Gain clarity, have ‘Aha’ moments and celebrate wins.  Third Quarter Moon – Revise, realign, and re-adjust intentions. Waning Moon – Release, let go, and review.  Ways to connect to the Moon with soulloop app: When you sync with the Moon, you optimize your energy to plan and pace your life.

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Reescreva sua vida com Gratidão

You may have heard the saying “what you focus on grows.” This is true when it comes to the power of gratitude. How often do you stop and reflect on what you’re grateful for? Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe, so they are acutely aware of potential threats in our surroundings. The practice of gratitude helps to counteract this response and creates an abundant mindset instead. You can’t always alter or control your circumstances. However, you can change your perception of them. By cultivating gratitude, you’ll start to notice the limitless positive things you encounter in everyday life. What the science says Are you familiar with the idea that neurons that fire together, wire together? It means that thoughts can trigger our in-built emotional responses. This makes gratitude a powerful practice. In fact, gratitude can change you and your brain; people who express and feel gratitude have a higher volume of gray matter in the right inferior temporal gyrus. Plus, it boosts serotonin (the happy hormone) and activates dopamine (the feel-good hormone). Evidence also shows it enhances prefrontal cortex activity, the area associated with learning and decision-making! The benefits of practicing gratitude daily are also associated with increased self-worth, heightened resilience and generosity, and reduced anxiety. Amazingly, while feeling grateful positively affects the brain, expressing gratitude goes one step further. By strengthening the brain’s neural circuits towards gratitude, it biases the brain to focus on feelings of gratitude in the future. What a remarkable self-fulfilling prophecy! Start today: 1. Put pen to paper and keep a daily gratitude journal. 2. Amass a jar full of blessings in your life by creating a gratitude jar. Every week (or as often as you’d like), set aside a minute to note down one major thing you’re thankful for. 3. Meditate! Being grateful requires awareness of the present moment. Keep up with your daily practices in soulloop app. 4. Spend time with those you love to boost positive emotions and appreciation. It enhances your relationships two-fold. When you reflect, you realize the importance of the small things – they often hold the greatest significance in your journey.

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Siga sua intuição com Netuno em movimento retrógrado

The energy of Neptune deals with matters of spirituality, as well as how we express compassion and empathy in the world. Therefore, its retrograde motion sparks self-reflection and the opportunity to develop greater empathy towards ourselves and others. Because of its association with abstract themes such as fantasy and dreams, the energy of Neptune can feel elusive and intangible. When you attune to its vibration, its period of retrograde offers the perfect time to clear your vision. Retrogrades have a reputation for being challenging. They offer an invaluable opportunity to slow down and anchor yourself to the present moment. After all, overcoming challenges is what leads to self-mastery. Since Neptune takes its time to travel through the zodiac (almost half a year!), when attuned to its energy, there is plenty of time to cultivate stillness and find grounding. It’s during the quiet times that our intuition can be heard the most. Listen to your intuition, deepen the connection with yourself. The deeper you go, the greater chance you have of moving beyond old pathways and towards growth. Let creativity be your compass To enhance compassion and empathy, allow creativity to be your guide. If you’re not sure where to start, simply try journaling or doodling and be open to where your soul leads you. Soulloop app’s meditation and visualization practices in the Communication life area will assist this flow of energy. Roadmap Everyone experiences this differently, depending on the placement of Neptune in their Birth Chart: House 1 – Your personality and life experience House 2 – Your material and immaterial values House 3 – Your communication and intellectual skills House 4 – Your roots, family, and home House 5 – Your creativity, love, children, and fun House 6 – Your day-to-day, service and health House 7 – Your relationships, marriage and partnerships House 8 – Your values facing the unknown, sexuality, and regeneration House 9 – Your ideals, higher education, and expansion of awareness House 10 – Your reputation, career, and authority House 11 – Your friendships and social responsibility House 12 – Your unconscious, and your service to humankind Remember this: “True creativity flows only from stillness. When stillness becomes conscious, the spiritual dimension enters your life, and you begin to be guided by intelligence far greater than the human mind” (Eckhart Tolle).

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Flua de dentro para fora: os infinitos benefícios do yoga

Yoga helps you to shift focus to your inner life, so that you can deepen your intuition. Yoga originated in India some 6,000 years ago. Its teachings are rooted in self-knowledge, action, and wisdom. It embodies unity of body, mind and soul, and action, thought, and intuition, and is about creating balance and journeying inwards to achieve a state of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature. The practice is fundamentally spiritual and goes far beyond easing tension in the body! Research proves that just 10 minutes of yoga each day significantly improves your health: On a physical level – Enjoy greater strength, balance, and flexibility; better circulation; and increased levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter in the brain that improves mood). On a mental level – Benefit from a heightened sense of clarity and calm; increased mind-body connection; sharpened concentration; and improved focus. On an emotional level – Strengthen your connections (you’ll feel far more open!); experience less stress; and better sleep quality. On an intuitive level – Enjoy the flow of your creative insight; connect to your inner knowing; increased joy, certainty and calm from within. The practice of yoga allows you to become truly present and, in the process, shows you that you are inseparably connected to the Universe. As you quieten your mind, you’ll discover the wisdom within you. One of life’s greatest treasures is the ability to access a deeper consciousness and awareness, or chit chaitanya, as it is said in Sanskrit. Start practicing today to develop yours!

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O poder da vulnerabilidade

Being vulnerable in life is important. It fosters good emotional and mental health. Oftentimes, it’s misunderstood as being submissive or weak. Vulnerability is the courage to be yourself. It’s the basis of all creativity and connection. The more in-tune you are with your authentic self, the more you align with your soul purpose. Showing vulnerability in your relationships strengthens them and gives you more satisfaction in life – trust that. Here are some tips to start embracing your vulnerability and fully accept yourself today: 2. Activate your heart chakra, which is connected to unconditional (self) love. Practice soulloop’s Heart Chakra Meditation on the app and express your love for others with more empathy and compassion. 3. Work on healing yourself and others. On the app’s home screen, select Relationships as the life area and then choose the 8-step Healing practice. Carry out the sequence in order. 4. Take a risk. Dare yourself to be vulnerable by opening up to someone you might otherwise shy away from; share your story with a small group of people. Do what feels right, but also a little scary. The most important thing to remember is that the process is rarely linear. Vulnerability is about showing up. Once you start to live an authentic life, you’ll attract others that are doing the same. Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection, opportunity, and belonging. It can take practice to get onto the path, but the good news is that you don’t have to walk it alone!

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Signos de água: Encontre seu flow

Did you know that the ocean covers over 70% of the planet? It’s our life source and supports every living organism on earth. The ocean has no urgency but flows consistently and rhythmically. It has done for millions of years! It also teaches us that everything is connected at an energetic level. Astrologically speaking, the Moon – and to a lesser extent, the Sun – has a profound impact on our oceans. Our tides are generated by the moon’s gravitational pull. These tides ebb and flow, much like our emotions, desires, and feelings. When you get in touch with your soul’s vibration, you can connect to the currents that flow in your life and transform your behavior. The ocean also demonstrates the importance of letting go of the need to control. Instead, it teaches you to adapt to what comes your way, rather than resisting it. Eventually, you learn to swim, trusting that the ebb and flow of life will support you as you relax into it. Interpreting water elements in the Zodiac chart: The 12 zodiac signs are grouped into four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all water signs. Water signs are known for being intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, and nurturing – like the ocean, they run deep. Even if one of your big three (Sun, Moon, and Rising sign) isn’t a water sign, have a look at your Birth Chart, in the astrological app, to see if there are any other water placements. Then you can learn how to work with this energy and balance it when necessary. Practical ways to balance emotionally: Just like the ocean, the universe has an energetic current. When we commit to understanding these currents, we can get connected to the flow and expand our soul.

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Hábitos saudáveis para começar hoje

It’s no secret that the pandemic presented us with substantial challenges. However, there was also immense opportunity for growth and regeneration. In a world full of change, having a toolkit of resources to tap into is more important than ever. Knowledge is power, and it makes most sense when experienced through practice. Soulloop app gives you foundational knowledge and techniques to support your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Now it’s up to you to commit to making them second nature. Evidence-based healthy habits: The Philosophy of Alignment: Start today: Key to strengthening emotional resilience is being able to adapt to external circumstances and change. Utilizing these everyday tools will help you to become more comfortable with the unpredictable. Remember, your thoughts dictate your responses – they are powerful and pre-emptive. When your intentions and values match your behavior, you feel a greater sense of alignment between who you are and who you want to become.

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Conecte com sua criatividade

What does creativity teach us? Creativity means something different for everybody. For some, it’s centered around skills such as art, music, or writing. But, in fact, creativity can be expressed in most day-to-day activities, including speaking, cooking, how we dress and so on. Evoking your creativity will benefit you immensely. It has been proven through extensive research to increase positive emotions, reduce stress, and even improve immune system functioning. It’s a fundamental way to express yourself and connect to your soul. Simply put, creativity involves manifesting your ideas and imagination into something more tangible that can be shared with the world. It also teaches us an invaluable life lesson: that the process is often more enriching than the outcome. Creativity and Astrology In astrology, there are 12 houses, all associated with different aspects of your life. The first six are more self-oriented, and the second half represent your being in relation to others, society and beyond. For example, the 5th. House (ruled by Leo) is all about self-expression, creativity, play, pleasure, the theater/ dramatics and having plenty of fun. While the 12thHouse (ruled by Pisces) is connected to spirituality, mysticism, the unconscious, dreams and accessing other worlds. But really, creativity is to be found in all areas of life and it expresses itself differently in the different houses. Awaken your creativity using soulloop app: 1) On the home screen, select Creativity as a Life Area. 2) In Insights, look at the sign and placement of Uranus in your chart. 3) To enhance your creativity, carry out the various Practices. These include breathing exercises, mudras, mantras, and yoga positions. 4) Swipe to the last screen and take note of the astrological insights shown to you. These can help you to better access your creative calling. 5) Remember to record what comes up for you using the notes or microphone. Self-reflection allows us to capture what emerges in the moment without judgment. When you move into creative flow, you’ll start to align with what’s calling you. Allow inspiration to flow through you, and most of all, use that energy for fun! With love, Priscila

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O eclipse e a conexão com o poderoso portal

An eclipse season is a powerful portal for change. Astrologically, eclipses happen in a set of two opposite zodiac signs. The first of 2022 took place on 30th April at 10 degrees of Taurus, and Monday 16th at 27 degrees of Scorpio (coinciding with May’s Full Moon!). During the second lunar eclipse, the Moon was completely covered by the Earth’s shadow and was visibly red from most of America, Europe, and Africa. It truly was a natural wonder… This was the most important full Moon of the year due to a powerful cosmic alignment, where the earth received the greatest incidence of light. This eclipse of Light and Shadow also marked when Buddha was born and enlightened, so holds profound and sacred significance. Since the Moon represents your emotions and inner world, and the Sun your core identity, eclipses are well-known for revealing our shadow material. Therefore, some emotional discomfort may arise when they occur. Receive such feelings with open arms. This is your opportunity to consciously let go of past issues that are no longer serving you. Eclipses reveal what needs to end before a new cycle begins. Be aware of the patterns that have been repeating themselves, so you only carry forward that which is valuable for your future self. Resolving old issues will bring new frequencies into your life and guide you towards your soul mission. Aligning with shifts: For this eclipse season, those with fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo) were likely to feel these energies most intensely, but everyone was impacted by the astrological shift – if only subtly. As a collective, many changes occurred in the political and economic sphere. There was activation and expansion of spiritual and philosophical wisdom, so it was an important time to align with your truth. Center yourself through meditation: When you experience shifts towards accelerated awareness, grounding yourself through a regular practice that supports your body, mind, and soul is important. In soulloop app under My Meditations, the most powerful meditations for energy alignment for this eclipse were: – Scorpio Meditation – Taurus Meditation – Full Moon Meditation – Chakra alignment meditation Eclipses are also a great time to set new intentions. You are continually growing and adapting, and the universe will always support you to reach your potential. Trust that these cycles of transformation are leading you towards your purpose.

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Como equilibrar seus chakras

To feel a deeper connection with the world and those around you, start by investing in the relationship you have with yourself. Self-awareness is the greatest gift you can give to others (not to mention yourself!), and regular practice leads to meaningful outcomes. Learning to balance your chakras is one of the many tools that will accelerate your journey. Chakras are energy centers in your body that act as junctions to ensure that your mind, body and soul work in harmony. Imbalanced chakras impact your emotional and physical wellbeing. The seven main chakras and possible signs of blockages: The crown chakra (located at the top of the head): relates to your spiritual connection and higher self. Blockages can manifest in feelings of insignificance, lack of spiritual connection and over-attachment to the material world. The Third eye chakra (located between the eyebrows): represents the pathway to your intuition and wisdom in this world and beyond. Imbalances may leave you finding it hard to make decisions or lacking in inspiration. The throat chakra: controls the way that you communicate and self-express. Notice if you struggle to speak your truth or share your feelings. The Heart chakra: is linked to compassion, connection and love for self and others. If unbalanced, you may notice fear of commitment, lack or trust, anxiety, jealousy, or difficulty connecting to others. The Solar plexus chakra (located between the ribcage and navel): the center of emotions, self-esteem, and confidence. Imbalances may present feelings of powerlessness, lack of self-esteem, or difficulty reaching goals. The Sacral chakra: linked to sexuality, creativity and awareness. If unstable, this can lead to unhealthy self-image, difficulty with emotional or sexual intimacy, or feelings of overwhelm. The Root chakra (located at the base of the spine): relates to physical healing, connection to earth, survival, and ambition. As it’s a primary source of energy, if blocked, it may leave you feeling stuck in life, inflexible, fearful, insecure, or ungrounded. Top tip to activate your chakras using soulloop: Emotional or physical stress will have a direct impact on your energy flow and your chakras may become sluggish. However, you can learn to balance your chakras using mantras, meditations and understanding their correlation with your Birth Chart in the astrological app. Find the specific Area of Life in soulloop app that links directly to your current challenges. Go to practices, and start exploring yoga poses, breathing meditations, mantras and readings. Through integrating these practices, you will activate these incredible energy centers, while keeping your energy grounded. Emotional or physical stress will have a direct impact on your energy flow and your chakras may become sluggish. However, you can learn to balance your chakras using mantras, meditations and understanding their correlation with your Birth Chart in the astrological app. Find the specific Area of Life in soulloop app that links directly to your current challenges. Go to practices, and start exploring yoga poses, breathing meditations, mantras and readings. Through integrating these practices, you will activate these incredible energy centers, while keeping your energy grounded.

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Se transforme durante o período de Escorpião

The significance of daydreams Reflecting on recurring themes in your daydreams is essential for building the life you want. By forging connections within your brain, they reveal what truly excites you and guide you toward making it happen. Tap into your intuition and remember you are worthy of all that you long for. Journal prompts for Scorpio season ●      What is my intuition guiding me toward? ●      What is sacred to me at this time in my life? ●      How can I transform my ideas into reality? Channel Scorpionic energy, the only fixed water sign of the zodiac, by immersing yourself in your own self-discovery and connecting to your inner strength through our Scorpio zodiac meditation in the soulloop app. With this renewed strength, experience your passions with clarity and focus. Rumi famously said: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  You hold the power to transform your life and there’s no time like the present.

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A tal Felicidade

Do you ever feel that happiness is a destination you are in constant pursuit of? Happiness exists when we flow with life and not when we struggle against it. Trust in your life’s trajectory and that your earthly choices are directing you towards something bigger than you can imagine. Your happiness does not depend on the events that you experience in this life, but instead on the way that you respond. Opposing forces maintain the harmony of the universe and your soul can learn to recognize that the pain you encounter in this world is just as important as the pleasuresyou enjoy. What you currently face is strengthening your core and aligning you with your purpose. Ask yourself these questions: Are you abandoning your true self and keeping yourself small? How can you shift into wonder and curiosity to direct your soul towards a deeper wisdom? Align your soul with your heart, truth, values, and beliefs by using these simple journal prompts: 1. Which three things am I grateful for today? Take stock of what is already abundant in your life. Practicing gratitude helps to combat negativity bias, which is a part of human nature. Through consciously and consistently finding the positive, we discover that happiness is much closer that it seems. 2. Note what I can see, smell, and touch. Mindfulness can help you manage your emotions, reactions, reduce stress, and bring you back to the present moment. When thoughts feel overwhelming, find solace in your senses. 3. Imagine what my dream life looks like. The health benefits of positive psychology are extensive, and visualization is a powerful tool that can assist you in working towards the things you truly desire. It’s also true that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. The world needs your light more than ever right now. And, if you are bridging the space between where you are currently and where your soul wants you to be, trust that you are being guided in the right direction for self-discovery. The person you’re becoming is already within you.

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A arte de desacelerar

Whenever you’re faced with changes, it’s important to master the art of relaxation, which has innumerable benefits on every level: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Prioritizing rest will support your soul to resolve unconscious tendencies, as well as provide you with the closure you need. Don’t forget, we repair when we rest and become ready for positive, new experiences to emerge! Active vs Passive relaxation: Ask yourself this: are you feeling tired because you are juggling too much or because you are not doing enough of what helps you to thrive? Engage in activities that contribute to a deep sense of well-being. These will center and calm you. Follow these three tips to increase rest: 1) Every day take note of how you’re feeling in My Mood. Collecting data around how the Moon impacts your energy flow will enable you to identify when your soul requires more rest and healing. 2) Sleep is the most underrated pillar of wellness. We have an innate need for it on a cellular level. Plus dreams can offer insights into complex, hidden emotions. Take this opportunity to create new sleep habits. Log your dreams in Dream Catcher if you aren’t already, and notice what your soul is communicating to you. 3) Use the Meditation practices related to specific seasons to access your initiative and power for new beginnings. For example, during the spring equinox, use Aries meditation. Flow with what is unfolding for you and be clear about your intentions!

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Ouça o que está se animando dentro de você

When you commit to increasing self-awareness and raising your vibration, you create positive ripple effects in your life and others. Therefore tuning in to your true desires becomes more important than ever. Do you know what your soul purpose is? What transformation really means to you? If the chatter of the mind is noisy, start to recognize what is stirring within by mastering daily meditation. In soulloop app, there are many guided meditation sequences that have been designed around your Birth Chart. They will support you in balancing your energy centers and can be personalized according to the current phase of the moon. As you will know, meditation provides a host of benefits to your emotional and physical health. It’s also associated with the neuroplasticity phenomena – the ability to alter the structure and function of our brains – as well as improving cognitive function in key areas such as memory, empathy, and stress management. My top tips for integrating meditation into your week: 1. Soulloop app has been designed to support those with a busy schedule. Find a suitable time that you can stick to and make a commitment to yourself and your well-being. 2. Start small. There is no set time associated with the benefits of meditation. Increase your practice gradually over time in a way that feels natural to you. 3. Connect your meditation practice with the wisdom of astrology. Use the energy of the Moon and your Sun sign to awaken your focus, purpose and intuition. 4. Create a dedicated physical space where you meditate. Let your intuition guide you towards where this should be, how it should look and, most importantly, feel. Carving out a private space can make all the difference! Buddha famously said, “What we think we become.”  By harnessing an awareness of our minds, we can dictate the course of our lives. If you wish to evolve into who you truly are, then commit to what is stirring within. Listen to the calling of your Soul.

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Como criar novos hábitos

Every month provides a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate and move forward. That’s right, you can take advantage of the lunar cycle using the astrological tools in our app. The more you tap into how the Moon impacts your energy, the more abundant life becomes. The reality is that we are not all the same, and each day brings different opportunities and challenges. Some days we are full of inspiration, motivation and self-awareness, and others, life gets in the way. Commitment is crucial For long-term behavioral change, though, starting small is key. It takes around 21 days to form a new habit and, according to BJ Fogg’s model, it’s best to integrate change into your existing routine, so that a new habit has something to ‘stick to.’ Set aside just 5 minutes-a-day to check in with the tools in our astrological app and you’ll soon see the benefits. Finding a common language Using the wisdom of astrology, soulloop app enables you to gain practical insights into your own – and others – ways of communicating, so that you can take your relationships to new heights. You can use the astrological app to foster meaningful connections by trying these simple steps today: Tools for developing new habits: 1. Start by choosing one feature of soulloop app that is attractive and attainable to you. Doing this practice daily will constitute your new habit! 2. Don’t just rely on reminders or alarms. Instead pick an existing routine that you reliably do and stick your new practice on to that. 3. Know that emotions support the creation of habits, not just repetition. So, when you find an activity that feels good to you, you are more likely to stick to it. 4. In addition, go to My Mood, log your mood daily (this takes less than sixty seconds!) and notice how your energy changes in conjunction with the lunar cycle. Each phase has a different energy associated with it and you will benefit from harnessing this. Top tip: Emotions are vital in supporting the creation of new habits. Did you know that we can leverage our brains and even hack our emotions? Try giving yourself positive feedback (a high five, or verbal encouragement) for engaging in your new practice. This will make it more likely to stick. Here’s an affirmation that might resonate with you… “I am becoming the most beautiful version of myself with each day.” Repeat this out loud three times.

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calendário de energia para 2023

Wishing you a Happy New Year! I hope you had a nourishing time with loved ones over the holiday season, while also resting, recuperating, and aligning with nature’s shifting energy. With our new, personalized Astro Forecast feature now on the Soulloop app for you to enjoy, I’ve looked at how the year will unfold for us as a collective. Be sure to mark your (cosmic) calendar: 2023 is going to be a unique one! 🗓️January Mercury and Mars in retrograde motion The new year begins with a retrospective energy. An opportunity to reflect on what we learned from 2022, as well as review and plan. If you’re on vacation, enjoy it guilt-free. If you’re working, concentrate on strategies and planning. If you find yourself experiencing challenges, distance yourself through meditation. By January 18, we begin to look forward to what is to come and how we can work toward goals through concrete action. 🗓️Early Spring in the North / Early Autumn in the SouthSaturn enters Pisces (2.5 years) On March 7, Saturn — planet of rules, authority, and purpose — will move to Pisces. Level up your productivity and take a systematic approach to your intuition. Soon you’ll see your hard work lead to life-changing accomplishment. Expanding your self-awareness will have a ripple effect on the collective. Major changes are to be expected! Pluto in Aquarius (March 23 – June 10)Pluto — the planet of transformation — briefly enters Aquarius, before settling there from 2024-2043. This transit sees advances and transformations in the world of technology. During this period, we’ll get a glimpse of the next 20 years of social progress and the direction it’ll take in the future. Together, we can put plans in place to leave a better world for the next generations. Mars leaves Gemini From March 25, there’ll be a switch from curiosity and sociability to bonding and self-protection, when Mars — planet of drive — moves from Gemini to Cancer. This leads to a greater sense of belonging and inner happiness. Keep up with daily wellness practices. Sound emotional foundations are vital for building resilience.   🗓️Late Spring in the North / Late Autumn in the South Solar eclipse in Aries (April 20) and Lunar eclipse in Scorpio (May 5) This will be a transformational time to bring about new initiatives, led by passions that may have been hidden a long time. You’ll have opportunities for healing, addressing vulnerability, deep probing into failures and mistakes — made by ourselves and others, and respectful communication in our relationships. If you approach it with compassion, togetherness, and connection, this period will open you up to greater awareness, as well as new and more spontaneous ways to express your needs. Jupiter in Taurus With an expansive energy, Jupiter represents the path in life towards fulfillment of your potential. Between May 16 – 25, be willing to explore the unknown, confident in the changes that it stirs up. It’ll be a time of opportunity, serendipity, and optimism. We’ll be more willing to broaden our perspective on life, yet still grounded in our perceptions of reality.  Jupiter aspects (conjunct the North Node, square to Pluto in Aquarius) Towards the end of May, our ambition, confidence, and adaptability will be boosted. The energy also brings a softening in the collective and individual affirmation. Reflect and return to your roots to direct your power for inner transformation.  🗓️ Summer and Autumn in the North / Winter and Spring in the South Venus in Leo, from June 6 to October 8, retrograding from July 22 to September 3 The way we relate and share our love, affection, resources, and energy, as well as the importance of our self-worth, will be highlighted and under revision. This transit brings long-lasting transformation that builds self-esteem in all areas of our life since, during this lengthy stay in Leo, Venus will make important aspects to all other planets. 🗓️ Late Autumn in the North/Late Spring in the South Solar eclipse in Libra (October 14) and Lunar eclipse in Taurus (October 28) Obstacles that may have previously seemed huge suddenly become simpler or, conversely, an impending crisis is quickly manifested. Relating and communicating will be central factors in rapidly unfolding events, with hidden elements coming to light, putting relationships to the test. Seize opportunities to explore uncharted territories. You’ll notice inevitable changes and personal transformation.The energy of these transits will be felt differently depending on the houses of your birth chart in which they occur — find out more about how you can harness it with your personalized Astro Forecast in the Soulloop app.

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O poder da Conexão

We are all intrinsically connected – every action has a reaction and we thrive when working together. Connection is a core value of many. When you have the sense that you are deeply connected, you also know you’re aligned to your soul purpose. In fact, there are no limits to what we can achieve when we have a strong connection, both to ourselves and others! Life as a mirror Whether we realize it or not, we all want to be understood and feel less alone in the world. Being profoundly connected with others is one of the most beautiful parts of living! But, it’s also a survival instinct. Professor Matthew Lieberman cites in more than 1,000 published and unpublished studies that our need for social connection is as important as food, water and shelter. Finding a common language Using the wisdom of astrology, soulloop app enables you to gain practical insights into your own – and others – ways of communicating, so that you can take your relationships to new heights. You can use the astrological app to foster meaningful connections by trying these simple steps today: Optimizing for connection really does have endless benefits; from helping to reduce anxiety and depression, to regulating your emotions, improving self-esteem and empathy, while supporting a healthy immune system. Listen more. Understand more. And connect more.

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A flock of birds flying over clam, glassy waters

Como compreender os seus sonhos

Have you ever been encouraged to ‘sleep on it’ before making an important decision, only to wonder what benefit this brings? Well, sleep, namely your dreams, really can provide invaluable insights when it comes to your waking life. So, why do we dream? One widely held theory is that it allows us to process and store our conscious experiences. While asleep, our unconscious mind supports us in finding answers and discharging negativity – without the usual biases that exist in our conscious thinking. Dreaming can also help to stabilize our biochemistry, mood, well-being, and health. Most importantly, it is one of the ways that your Soul communicates with you! Logging your dreams can help you understand yourself better and connect with your Higher Self. If you find it difficult to recall your dreams, try this: Wake up slowly, even if that means setting your alarm clock a little earlier! Spend some time luxuriating in that peaceful stage between sleep and waking – in what’s called the “hypnagogic state.” In those moments, your conscious mind kicks in, but is still deeply connected to your unconscious. Record your dream/s in soulloop app immediately – otherwise they will fade. You may recall a face, object, color, scenario, or feel an emotion. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make perfect sense. Nothing is too “strange” or “weird.” The prompts in the app will help you do this. Review your dream/s, keeping in mind what is going on in your life right now. See if they reflect certain situations and patterns. They don’t always have to, as some things may not have played out yet – but over time you should start to see things emerge. If you want to go one step further… Identify if any of the themes coming up in your dream/s connect back to your Birth Chart. Go back and review my personalized Birth Chart reading to see. Top tip: If you are short on time or are unsure how to articulate your dreams in writing, opt to use the voice recording feature on the app. Try this every day for one week to help program your subconscious to remember. Soon it will become second nature to you.

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Sunset light and full moon in the alps of Switzerland. The bright moon sits on top of the snow covered peak on a winter evening. The summit cross can be seen.

Como conectar com as fases da lua

Did you know that the moon has a great influence on the ocean? The combination of Earth’s gravity and the gravitational pull of the moon creates a phenomenon called tidal force, which is what causes our ocean tides to change.  In fact, the moon greatly affects the planet overall, in particular water, which is interesting, given our body is made up of 70% water.  So, that means that the moon has a great effect on us too. You may have not thought about it before, but the different phases of the moon provide powerful energy for self-care, productivity, outward connection, or inward contemplation. Becoming more aware of the changing cycles of the lunar phases, will empower you to recognize your own changing energy cycles, so that you can plan your month accordingly and take advantage of your physical, emotional, and mental shifts more effectively. More about My Mood My Mood is a simple tracker which, when used consistently, allows you to understand your patterns and emotions around the key phases of the moon. Once you commit to tracking your mood you will be able to use the changes in the moon and your energy flow to your advantage in your daily life. Understand thee four key moon phases: New Moon: New start The new moon is when the moon is in conjunction with the Sun, therefore we cannot see the sunlight reflecting the moon. It’s a good time to set intentions for the month ahead, clarify your goals, start new projects, and acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon. It’s also a good time to let go of what no longer serves you and give you room for something new to begin. So, grab your journal, or start a new moon meditation, to set your intentions for this moon cycle.  Waxing Moon: Action The waxing moon is when the light of the moon gradually begins to expand and grow in its fullness. This is the time the intentions you set in the new moon start to grow. The waxing moon is a good time to get motivated, commit to what you are building, and put your intentions into action. This is a powerful time for transformation, building energy, nurturing dreams, overcoming hurdles, breaking through barriers. Full Moon: Completion The full moon phase represents completion, abundance, and transformation, because the moon is directly opposite the sun during this phase, it can also be a time of friction and more-intense emotional energy. With this moment of higher energy also comes more outward connection, alertness, and intuition – so listen closely to what your unconscious is really telling you of what to release and what to keep.  Waning Moon: Conscious Endings The waning moon is a time to renew, withdraw, and rest. You might find you have to consciously carve out the time to really pause. This is a good time to reflect and contemplate what is ending, to nurture fresh starts in the new moon again. The waning moon is also a time to declutter, cleanse, heal, end chapters. It may take a few waning moon phases to fully declutter or let go of things, so start small and let it build.  In addition to the moon phases, we can also feel the energy of the zodiac sign the moon is in. So, during the cycle, there is a combination of the phase and the sign the moon is currently in .  So, jump on my Mood and start tracking your emotions and connect with the abundance of this flow of energy. While you’re there, explore the Moon meditations!

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O que é astrologia cármica?

There’s a famous parable that tells a story of a disciple who asks their Master if he believes in destiny. The Master asks the disciple to lift one of his legs, and the disciple lifts his left leg. He then asks him to lift the other leg and the disciple says it is impossible, as his left leg is already lifted. So the Master explains that when he chose to lift his left leg, this was his free will, and his inability to lift the other leg, his destiny. The parable illustrates the law of action and reaction and how we are constantly making choices and creating our own stories. This is so central to soulloop’s thinking. The fact that soulloop app is built on karmic astrology theory, also explains why this parable is relevant and how we set ourselves apart from other self-development astrological apps. What is karmic astrology? Karmic astrology is built on the belief that life is not fate. In fact, it is founded on the idea that you are the one in control and the primary force driving your own destiny. Karmic astrology is the science of discerning the positions of planets in your birth chart, to understand the loops you are in and how to make better choices to live to your full potential. It provides you guidance to resolve your patterns (from this life and before) to wipe your slate clean and make room for more positive karma. Understanding karmic energies in your Birth Chart is the key to higher self-awareness and understanding where you are in your life right now and what direction is best for you. Reading about your planet placements can give you amazing depth of information; helping you understand where your higher purpose may be, discovering your soul mission, what gives you a sense of fulfillment and how to overcome challenges. Soulloop app will equip you with the tools to help you understand yourself on a much deeper level and own the ability to shape life the way you and your soul want it to be.

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The planet ruler of the year

I wanted to share with you the concept of the planet ruler of the year, which is rooted in medieval and Kabbalistic astrological traditions. Useful for a keynote understanding of the year ahead, it gives us hints on how the energy will unfold.  With gratitude, reflect on what you dream of taking forward into 2023 and what you will be leaving behind. By knowing the position of the ruler — in this case, the Moon — in the astrological chart of the year, and the sign and house it falls in, we can interpret how the energy in each sign will be experienced. A year of sensitivity and changes The Moon is the most changeable celestial body, with cycles and phases, representing our emotions, needs, and intuitive responses to the world. As the ruler of the year, the Moon brings a lot of spirituality and service: governed by changes, by the people, by women.  We’ll likely see changes in our routine and working habits that support our health and find deeper meaning in daily life, feeling our connection to others and the universe becoming more important.  It’s the perfect time to realize that staying flexible, versatile, and adaptable is the key to finding our way around obstacles, and there is a higher purpose to every challenge we meet. Navigate this transformation in the Soulloop app The year ahead in numerology Another useful resource is numerology. A year that adds up to seven — as is the case with 2023 — corresponds to the color violet, representing spirituality, the energy that we have been able to access and enhance since January 1. Connect to who you are, find what expresses your soul, and connect to your bigger purpose.

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Priscila Lima de Charbonnier -founder of Soulloop

Bem-vindo a Soulloop

An introduction to our Founder, Priscila Priscila is a karmic astrologer and life coach, who’s created soulloop app to share her expertise and self-awareness therapies to a much wider global audience.  She’s spent much of the past 20 years dedicated to learning and integrating a wide range of theories into her teaching; psychology, karmic astrology, yoga, meditation, reiki, feng shui to name a few. Welcome to Soulloop Soulloop app exists to help you create more balance and harmony in your life and ultimately find a life path with more meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.  Your Birth Chart, in the astrological app, underpins everything; from informing a deep personalized transformational programme, to bespoke meditations, to informing you how you can connect better with others.  The Birth Chart shows the configuration of the sky at the time of your birth and how you and your personality manifests in life.  You could say it is a map for the soul and a guide to who you really are, at a deeper level. It will also reveal your potential and your mission; what heals, drives, and transforms your soul and personality. Using this powerful wisdom within the stars, you gain the key to greater personal growth, and harmonious living.

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