Capricorn Solstice: Time to Grow

With the Christmas season comes also the Capricorn solstice, an energetic boost that lasts for 6 months. During this period the magnetism of the Sun has an upward, outward direction that inspires us to step into the world, manifesting the creations we’ve been seeding and developing within!

From now, it is the best time to launch expansive projects.

The arrival of this energy is the origin of celebrations in different cultures and traditions with the bountiful themes of lights, gifts, and evergreen trees, such as Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Yule, among many other examples.

Get ready for the change

Channel the abundance of the holiday season to connect with your own potential for increase, which can be experienced in a few main ways:

✍🏼 You’ll likely be more patient and careful with your words and decisions, with the Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury, and remain open to revisit and reevaluate existing plans and ideas, in order to align them with your long-term vision. 

🌾 You may be more aware of the material circumstances that bring you emotional security, and those which provide to your deepest needs. With the Moon in Taurus, alongside Jupiter and Uranus, you are open to opportunities to improve your wellbeing and prosperity, wiling to tread new paths. 

🫶With Venus in Scorpio in trine to Neptune, your heightened intuition may bring an urge for deeper emotions and for spiritual awakening, and your relationships may feel more connected and empathetic. Your intuition guides you amidst the change which transforms patterns that no longer align with your values. 

How this energy boosts your life


As you contemplate your achievements so far, insights inspire you with solutions to the most impacting challenges. You realize the importance of others in your life, and the transformation they bring, which motivates you to be open to change your priorities and sense of worth.


The possibilities to express yourself seem endless now, and you are willing to explore new ways to show yourself in the world. Partnerships, professional or romantic, make you more aware of what and who makes you feel good in life. Your perspective of reality becomes more philosophical.


Your inner world is your greatest source of inspiration, through dreams, imagination, insights, that renew your self-awareness and self-confidence. You transform daily routines, work habits, deeply connected to the effect of each event. You adjust the aims of your personal transformation, to attain long-term change.


You may be experiencing one of the most creative periods in your life so far. The deeper you stream your intuition, the more connected and authentic you feel. Rewards from the world, fulfilment of wishes and hopes, bring you emotional and material grounding, while you adjust your partnerships to long-term commitments.


New beginnings in your career can change your priorities, and bring material and emotional security, making you more aware of your own worth. You feel at home when you are relating, enjoying the transformation in your sense of belonging, and revising the structure of your daily routine and work habits.


You may be more aware of the effect of your ideals and beliefs in your material and emotional security. You are open to deeper emotions, and to transform the way you relate on a daily basis to everyone around you. This motivates you to revise the way you think, and creatively approach your main aims in life.  


This could be a period of exceptional tangible accomplishment and results, as you transform emotions and needs, changing personal priorities. You may realize that your emotional power is a valuable asset, and that your intuition and creative insight can become sources of income. This inspires you to revisit your perception of happiness.


Your partnerships bring you endless change, opportunity, surprise and joy! They inspire you to expand your priorities. You come up as an enveloping, deep and insightful presence, and you transform yourself through your power of connection, which enables you to revise your relationship with everyone around you.


You are more aware of how your work contributes to your emotional and material fulfilment, and expand your priorities. Relationships, rest and regeneration become an essential counterpart for your creative inspiration, as the depths of your dreams, insights and memories. You revise the aims you’ve set to develop your skills or income.


You are revising the way you express yourself in the world, aligning yourself better with your long-term vision. You are more aware of how your creative approach and projects expand your priorities, strengthening your sense of worth. Rewards from the world, fulfilment of wishes and hopes make you feel deeply connected and empathetic.


You become more aware of how your home, or sense of belonging, brings you emotional fulfilment, and inspires you to open to opportunities and to change priorities. Your most important aims in life urge you to connect deeply, and transform yourself from within. You dive into the depths of your dreams and memories to revise your long-term vision.


You are more aware of the way you relate on a daily basis to everyone around you, and how this affects your emotional needs, inspiring you to expand your personal priorities. As you revise your aims, and align them with your long-term vision, you open up to rewards from the world, and the fulfillment of wishes and hopes. This renews your power of connection and spiritual awakening.

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Merry Christmas,