The path that led to Soulloop

I’d like to share with you how Soulloop was born: from my life-long passion for astrology, the seeds of which rooted and grew into the app you use today.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by the power of the mind, planes of consciousness, subtle dimensions, the chakras, and the expansion of awareness. 

I’ve always been struck by how today’s understanding of the psyche seeks to frame the individual in a pattern of “normality”. Yet, from everything I’ve experienced and believe, I know our potential is far beyond what could or should ever be considered “normal”. 

A breakthrough in my life

When I started studying Jung, I fell in love with astrology and decided to delve deeply into the subject — reading all the books, charts, texts I could find. By this time, I had knowledge of many other techniques of mind development and healing: yoga, reiki, kabbalah, and many other metaphysical techniques. 

In astrology, I found a channel to express all this wisdom I had been accumulating which, at that time, was not well understood by the vast majority of people. It serves as a language through which I communicate, in addition to the interpretation, all the intuitive perception, and the energetic and occult knowledge that comes from an astrological chart.

The present day 

I have been devoting myself to astrology professionally for over two decades now and, in every chart I read, I open a large energy force channel in myself. The big difference between someone who learns the technique and someone who acquires knowledge of astrology is their energetic connection, rather than simply understanding the aspects. 

The true experience of astrology comes from opening a portal to perceive the soul of the individual, the awareness of which comes from an energetic connection with other planes of consciousness.

Our holistic method

Soulloop is a synthesis of my life’s experience, which encompasses my learnings and teachings in an exclusive methodology, developed through years of consultation work, developing my clients’ intuition.

In order to make the experience accessible to everyone, I created the Soulloop app, sharing this universal and ancient language in a practical, simple, and effective way, so you can use it as a tool in your journey of self-knowledge and well-being.

Soulloop offers several different techniques for the expansion of awareness:

  • Find balance in your life areas, through bespoke meditation, mudra, and asana practices. Learning how Sex & Empowerment, Creativity, Emotions & Wellbeing, Personal Relationships, Communication, Focus and Purpose need to be nurtured in harmony for a peaceful, positive, and fruitful sense of being. 
  • Communicate more effectively and empathetically. Using someone’s birthday, in One-to-One, you get insights into how they process information and their outlook, enabling you to understand them better. 
  • Daily astrological forecasts. In Transits, you can access personalized predictions based on energy exchange between the planets in transit and your Birth Chart. Essential for aligning you with your purpose, they show the impact on your energy, mood, and approach to life.
  • A snapshot of the stars the moment you were born. By entering your birth date, time, and place, you can access your Birth Chart to discover your soul purpose and how to harness your inner power.
  • Track how you’re feeling at each Moon phase. By checking in with My Mood, you can discover the impact the lunar cycle has on your emotional and physical wellbeing, enabling you to optimize your energy and plan your life efficiently.

I hope with all my heart you enjoy this gift, Soulloop community.