New inspiration for you purpose

With the shift from the lunar nodes to the Aries/Libra axis, we have more vital energy available to reassess relationships, with ourselves and others, and to access our potential for initiative, for self-care and for expressing sexual energy.

The South Node in Libra highlights our self-worth, especially within partnerships, and the patterns we are ready to transform, while the North Node in Aries brings out our potential for self-reliance and leadership.

From now on, situations may arise along the way that challenge us to change the way we engage with others, and to focus more on our own drive.

The Libra/Aries axis

The South Node in Libra awakens sharing and love, the ability to compromise and negotiate through our sense of worth, envisioning fairness and balance. We are inspired to observe the impact we have on others, to take care of our image, letting go of perceptions, routines and habits we thought were part of our identity. 

The North Node in Aries brings the challenging drive for achievements and the use of initiative with spontaneity and a certain sense of urgency, which can involve improvisation. We activate our physical and sexual energy, which is intensely expressed as vitality and libido. We feel more motivated to exercise and take care of our body, and to try new things. 

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💫 To see how you might transform patterns into potentials, check which houses are Aries and Libra in your Birth Chart on the Soulloop app, and read below.

Aries in house 1/Libra in house 7

Motivation, instinct and self-sufficiency. By focusing on your inner-self and innate ability, you can transform the idea that your personal happiness depends solely on external relationships. 

Aries in house 2/Libra in house 8

Self-worth and personal values. Connect with your inner voice to appreciate the resources you currently have access to and embrace your ability to initiate personal growth and future success. 

Aries in house 3/Libra in house 9

Social life and communication. Sharing your thought process with others can transform the perception that the validity of your thoughts, feelings and ideas depend on others’ acceptance of them. Considering the opinions of others encourages openness to new perspectives. 

Aries in house 4/Libra in house 10

Self-secure. Connecting your deepest emotions and focusing on the path rather than the destinations, can transform the belief that your sense of security is based on your personal achievements. 

Aries in house 5/Libra in house 11

Inspiration and creativity. Practicing consistency in the commitment to your gifts and talents, and aligning them with your future aspirations, can lead to greater confidence in your own personal self-expression.

Aries in house 6/Libra in house 12

Staying present. Prioritizing being in the moment through your daily routines and rituals can help lead to greater focus on the tangible.

Aries in house 7/Libra in house 1

Togetherness. Being a team player, and putting others first can allow you to transform the idea that self-sufficiency is all you need to feel secure. 

Aries in house 8/Libra in house 2

Vulnerability and relinquishing control. Being empathetic to others and being open to accepting what they have to offer can bring about a transformed perspective of yourself in relation to others. 

Aries in house 9/Libra in house 3

Intuitive awareness. Pursuing meaning and purpose in all things allows you to listen deeply to yourself and others and enable genuine connection that is aligned with your inner self. 

Aries in house 10/Libra in house 4

Asserting yourself. Taking charge of your path, setting goals and accepting the responsibility to attain them, can transform the idea that your security depends external influences .

Aries in house 11/Libra in house 5

Nurturing relationships. Considering the needs of others and sharing common pursuits, you may realize that you don’t need authority or control over others in your life, but companionship. 

Aries in house 12/Libra in house 6

Compassion and empathy. Accepting others’ limitations allows you to accept the imperfect order of your world. You can appreciate yourself for who you are, rather than what you do, and others, the same.

Trust your journey of transformation,

With love,