Mercury retrogrades in Taurus

This week, Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, and we are called to slow down – until 14 May, when it turns direct. 

Taurus is one of the best sign positions for a Mercury retrograde. It is an earth sign, associated with stability, resources, and comfort, an energy of slow, steady progress that leads to concrete results and eventually to success.

During this retrograde, while we may naturally feel a bit reluctant to acknowledge faults or change our minds, we are also more mindful and deliberate, willing to take time to decide or act.

Slow down

The effects of Mercury retrograde are often felt in the weeks leading up to and following the actual retrograde period. This is a time when communication, technology, and travel-related challenges may arise, as Mercury rules these areas of life.

Retrogrades offer an opportunity to slow down and reassess our priorities. During this retrograde in Taurus, we can take the time to review our resources, evaluate our relationships, and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and of what is valuable for us. 

It’s a good time to practice self-care, and to be patient with ourselves and others. This energy also supports us in life planning, double-checking details, and taking a more cautious approach in our communications and decision-making.

This Mercury retrograde:

  • Choose the Taurus meditation in the Soulloop app to heighten your creative spirit, determination, and patience to build solid and stable roots
  • Check your astro forecast daily for personalized astrological predictions based on the relation between the planets in transit and your Birth Chart, supporting you in your decisions and actions, according to the energies most aligned with your purpose.
  • Use One-to-One to enhance your communication, paving the way for more effective dialogue and taking your relationships to new heights.

How to navigate the Mercury retrograde in Taurus


Focus on new ways to increase your income. Venture out of your comfort zone, where you usually feel more driven. Find personalized solutions that build your autonomy. Make the most of your present non-confrontational stance and take time to recharge at home more often.


With greater understanding on how your identity is reflected by your assets, you may be driven to try surprising new looks or discover new personal skills. Your communication and social life are buzzing and may bring a boost to your income. Trust your independent thinking.


Find new ways to recharge, taking breaks to find meaning within. Introspection and intimate communication may bring you breakthroughs that build up your individuality. Your presence feels good to those around and they may confide secrets that support you in your self-discovery.


Be open to new friendships and compelling new groups, and to the support and love they offer. Venture out of your comfort zone to network your way into organizations that foster your uniqueness. Direct your present drive to projects that can bring you acknowledgement and success.


It is time to accomplish concrete results and establish your life path. Trust and pursue new-found avenues to explore your potential. Network with friends, groups, and organizations to ensure support and acknowledgement of your work, as well as rewards and profit from ongoing projects.


Practice mindfulness and pursue new goals in higher knowledge to enrich your philosophy of life and enhance your spiritual side. You are driven to network with groups and organizations for support, and may find it easy to socialize and advertize your skills and career goals.


Explore news ways to regenerate, and transform inner skills and resources, through uncharted territory to connect to your emotional power, uniqueness, and highest potential. The contribution of others may prove life changing, expanding your view of life and love.


Invest in new relationships, personal or professional, and develop them with a new understanding of the role and value that others have in your inner transformation. Make the most of their contribution and skills to connect to and pursue your highest potential.


Trust your new proficiency in the workplace, while always seeking to improve. You may realize that your work goals are also personal life aims — channel them with focus and ambition, bringing breakthroughs to your daily life. Be open to the love and support that comes from partnerships.


Take calculated risks, and exercise your leadership with charisma and awareness, building up your creative skills and self-expression. If you feel out of your comfort zone, this is a sign you’re exploring your highest potential. Socializing in the work environment may bring you wellbeing and valuable friendships.


Focus on the power of your inner freedom and the deeply personal goals it fosters to build a solid foundation for your happiness. A greater understanding of your sense of belonging encourages you to be open to new experiences in unfamiliar territory that light up your true potential. Stimulatingly creative relationships, romance, and love support your new you.


Open up to the diversity of your surroundings, letting your intuition and open mind guide you to the set of knowledge you need at each moment. Your ambition drives you to acquire and develop skills, even if you find yourself out of your comfort zone. Soothing conversations with loved ones bring you back home to recharge.

Wishing you a wise Mercury retrograde period!