Love and communication

This Full Moon in Libra motivates us to share our vulnerabilities and brings us closer to the people we love. It is time to accept these hidden areas of ourselves, and let them show in our relationships. 

We notice the role of others in the fulfillment of our dreams, and feel deep appreciation for everything and everyone. We connect to the present energy of harmony and balance, and feel we can achieve them through clear and open communication.

During this Full Moon, it is useful to reflect on how we communicate in our relationships: Are we expressing ourselves honestly and openly, or are we holding back? Are we truly listening to our partners, or are we simply waiting to give our point of view?

Quality communication

Communication is the foundation of healthy relationships, in order for us to express our needs, desires, and boundaries, ensuring we are on the same page as our loved ones. 

We all need open communication to have a sense of equality and mutual understanding. As the Full Moon in Libra sheds light on any imbalances in our relationships, it is an opportunity to evaluate our communication style and make any necessary changes.

How to improve communication in your relationships:

  1. Practice active listening: When your partner is speaking, grant them your full attention. Avoid interrupting and focus on understanding their perspective.
  2. Ask questions: Avoid assuming you know what your partner is thinking or feeling. Instead, ask questions and seek clarification to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Take responsibility for your emotions: Share your needs and desires clearly.

By implementing these principles, you can create harmony and balance. 

To further connect with the energy of the Full Moon in Libra, you may wish to perform a ritual or ceremony. You can light candles, use essential oils, and write down your intentions for finding balance in your relationships. 

  • Create a comfortable space and listen to our Full Moon or Libra meditation on the Soulloop app, connecting to the powerful intentional energy and healing opportunity. 
  • Remember to record your dreams, which may be particularly vivid and illuminating — fired up with the lunar energy. 
  • You can also go to One-to-One to understand the communication style of those close to you in your life. 

May this Full Moon bring your relationships to the next level!