Live in harmony during Libra season

When the grounding and organized energy of Virgo season passes, Libra brings balance to your life. 

A free-spirited air sign, Libra energizes the month with mastery in diplomatic communication. This energy allows you to increase sociability and fair-mindedness. Tact, openness to exchange points of view, and flexibility to reconsider opinions are enhanced, stimulating favorable personal shifts. 

Embrace love in your life

  • Choose life area Personal Relationships and follow the personalized Astro Coaching journeys to improve how you relate and to transform your relationships.
  • Go to social and choose One to One, enter the name and birth date of the people you would like to discover more about, and understand how they communicate to improve your empathy and relationship with them.

Find balance to manifest abundance

The energy of Libra season facilitates collaboration and partnership with those that help you feel safe and nurtured. Shared with the right people, ordinary things can be made extraordinary.

Journal prompts for Libra season:

⚖️ How am I feeling about the levels of attention and love I’m showing myself and others?

⚖️ How is my relationship with myself and others?

⚖️ How can I approach love and relationships with more balance?

Have an open mind as you form connections with the people you meet. You never know where it may lead…