Live by the Moon

This is the time of year to live by the Moon, to notice how its energy nourishes our essence, our physical body, our emotions and actions.


With the Sun in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, which has also been the ruler of this year since March, it is the ideal moment to understand the lunar cycles, and at the same time understand our own cycles. 

And especially during the next two weeks, with Mercury also in Cancer, we can find the thoughts and words that best describe our emotions.

The energy of the Moon in day-to-day life

The Moon is the fastest and most changeable celestial body. It represents our emotions, how we adapt to the world, and how we nourish ourselves and others. During its 28-day cycle, the Moon moves through all the signs and makes all possible aspects with the other planets.

Thus, it brings regular changes to the energy of each planet, which we feel as a constant adaptation or adjustment in all areas of life. With the nuances that the Moon brings, we remain flexible, versatile, and adaptable to overcoming obstacles, realizing that there is a higher purpose in every challenge!

In addition, the energy of the Moon increases in intensity when it is waxing and decreases when it is waning. By understanding how each phase affects our body, mood, and energy levels, we can harness and channel this energy to choose the best moment to attain our goals, pause, or adapt.

  • New Moon: Dream new beginnings and intention setting.
  • First quarter: A time for decision-making and creating action plans. 
  • Full Moon: Emotions run high, double down on self-care. 
  • Last quarter: Let go of what no longer serves you.

When you live by the lunar cycles, you experience improved sleep, higher levels of creativity, and increased intuition and problem-solving ability.

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