Listening to intuition, with Priscila Lima de Charbonnieres

The astrologer at the head of the Soulloop platform teaches how to identify intuition – and not confuse it with emotions or thoughts

Something tells you to do (or not to do something). Is it a silly plumbing? Is that a premonitory sign? Are emotions and thoughts talking or intuition? After all, what is intuition? For a series of endless questions, astrologer Priscila Lima de Charbonnières , founder of the Soulloop platform and guest of Helena Galante for episode 104 of the Jornada da Calma podcast ,  has a serene answer:  “Intuition is the certainty of the soul.”

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To learn to listen to intuition, Priscila teaches that it is necessary not to rationalize the process, but to be attentive to the body’s signals, precisely to discard the noises that do not bring the feeling of certainty. “The synchronicities also show that we are on the way”, he says. She talks about her process of self-knowledge, the role of astrology and signs in the discovery of purpose: “A good reading of an astrological chart is equivalent to 10 years of analysis”, she laughs. 

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