Listen to what’s stirring within you

When you commit to increasing self-awareness and raising your vibration, you create positive ripple effects in your life and others. Therefore tuning in to your true desires becomes more important than ever.

Do you know what your soul purpose is? What transformation really means to you?

If the chatter of the mind is noisy, start to recognize what is stirring within by mastering daily meditation.

In soulloop app, there are many guided meditation sequences that have been designed around your Birth Chart. They will support you in balancing your energy centers and can be personalized according to the current phase of the moon.

As you will know, meditation provides a host of benefits to your emotional and physical health. It’s also associated with the neuroplasticity phenomena – the ability to alter the structure and function of our brains – as well as improving cognitive function in key areas such as memory, empathy, and stress management.

My top tips for integrating meditation into your week:

1. Soulloop app has been designed to support those with a busy schedule. Find a suitable time that you can stick to and make a commitment to yourself and your well-being.

2. Start small. There is no set time associated with the benefits of meditation. Increase your practice gradually over time in a way that feels natural to you.

3. Connect your meditation practice with the wisdom of astrology. Use the energy of the Moon and your Sun sign to awaken your focus, purpose and intuition.

4. Create a dedicated physical space where you meditate. Let your intuition guide you towards where this should be, how it should look and, most importantly, feel. Carving out a private space can make all the difference!

Buddha famously said, “What we think we become.”  By harnessing an awareness of our minds, we can dictate the course of our lives. If you wish to evolve into who you truly are, then commit to what is stirring within. Listen to the calling of your Soul.