Libra Equinox

The Libra Equinox begins a period of intense action and new projects. It occurs on September 23, a moment when day and night have an equal duration throughout Earth. It is also the start of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

We can make the most of the dynamic cardinal energy of Libra, bringing swiftness and initiating events. And the forward motion of all personal planets makes it easier to manifest in the world. Since all personal planets are in Leo, Virgo and Libra, this is the ideal time to:

  • focus on your personal projects
  • trust your own creative inspiration and expression
  • plan for the weeks ahead with goals in mind
  • benefit from the cooperation with others

Boost your balance and partnerships

As you set off to attain goals with renewed zest, the energy of Libra is infusing your life with a drive for balance, highlighting your partnerships. 

Check on the Soulloop app which house Libra is in your Birth Chart, and read below which themes are enhanced this Equinox and until the middle of December.

Libra in house 1 

A new you shows up now, as you transform old ideas of your image and identity in the world. A deeper understanding on the purpose of life enlightens your goals and action towards them.

Libra in house 2 

You feel very skilled and equipped to think and express yourself, and make the most to establish your prosperity. You transform values that are no longer aligned with your present circumstances. 

Libra in house 3 

Increased self-worth gives you inspiration to navigate the world around you and everyone in it. You reinvent your communication with them, transforming old notions of harmony and fairness.

Libra in house 4 

It is all about your sense of belonging now, as you find the companions that nurture your emotional foundations, while you re-signify old memories and build up your inner happiness.  

Libra in house 5 

Your projects call for skilled performance, you inspire others with your expertise, making it easy to attract collaboration, and the central role you are ready to take.

Libra in house 6 

Creative solutions for your routine, new ways to rest and restore your energy in order to be more productive at work, motivate you to change your habits.

Libra in house 7 

Your loved ones, and professional or business partners, bring the best in you. You find solutions to transform the way you share, reinventing your leadership ability.

Libra in house 8 

You are re-shaping your life through renewal and regeneration. Your ideas of dependency are transformed as you resolve emerging challenges by deeply understanding your partners in life.   

Libra in house 9 

You are focused on expanding your horizons, transforming your beliefs, open to love the world and others, ready to find your twin flame. A long-distance trip can bring the chance to develop new skills and understanding.

Libra in house 10 

You are focused on your career, life path and goals, with a deeper understanding of your own principles and beliefs, and a regenerative effect on your vitality and health. 

Libra in house 11 

A greater connection to your hopes and dreams motivates you to understand your role, your goals in life and the path to attain them. Love lights up each step of your reflection. 

Libra in house 12 

Intimacy is highlighted with yourself and others. Vivid dreams and rooted memories are stirred by insightful visitations to your unconscious, inspiring you to end a cycle and rebirth yourself.

Wishing you a harmonious equinox!

With love,