Jupiter retrograde: make your own lucky path

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, retrogrades, it gives you time to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest. After all, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…


Get to know the planet of growth:

Jupiter reveals where you can expand ideals and visions to realize your potential. As a social planet, it represents themes that transcend beyond the individual, and is associated with collective abundance and prosperity! It spends roughly 12 to 13 months in a sign. Once a year, for about four months, it retrogrades…

Retrograde refresh:

During a retrograde motion (when a planet appears to travel backwards in the sky), the energy turns inwards, giving us the opportunity to re-examine our beliefs and search for spiritual growth. 

As Jupiter retrogrades, connect with your inner GPS and identify what gives you purpose. Use the time to reflect on how you can transform outdated ideas and behaviors so you can course-correct.

Access new insights

Social planets spark insight and develop your inner wisdom. I like to think of insight as a sudden comprehension or resolution of a situation. Use the practical tools in soulloop app to cultivate this positive and expansive energy.

1.  Try the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation to activate and stimulate your energetic center of abundance.

2.  Find Jupiter in your Birth Chart. Deep dive into your spiritual growth and how you acquire prosperity in life. 

3.   Keep up with regular meditation practices. Get present, focus on less, and improve your odds.

It’s also important to leave space for unstructured time and thinking. Your mind needs a chance to wander and rest. Once it has, use your vision to make your own lucky path!