Intuition: The superpower you didn’t know you had

Are you familiar with that feeling in the pit of your stomach that notifies you of what to do? Call it a sixth sense, hunch, or gut feeling, it’s your intuition creating links and providing you with valuable information. Some scientists have even coined this your ‘second brain.’

Your intuition is knowing beyond logic. It’s a beautiful combination of your experiences, your understanding of people, and your openness to what’s going on in your environment. Like a muscle, it can be strengthened with intentional practice, so the more you use it, the more precise it becomes

US psychologist and famed author of Thinking Fast & Slow, Daniel Kahneman, proposes that we have two different thought systems: 

System 1 – Fast, automatic, and intuitive responses. 

System 2 – Responses that are conscious, slower, and reliant on reasoning.

Some argue that the first is more prone to error, but, in my opinion, the key is a dual-system approach, where you combine both intuition and analysis for decision-making.

Get clear on your values:

Knowing your values is an important precursor to decision-making, so that choices you make are consistent and aligned with what’s important to you. Combine analytical thinking with intuition to check:

  • Which action or decision will bring me closer to my core values?
  • How do my options align with my values?
  • How do my options conflict with my values?
  • Which value(s) do I have to absolutely honor?
  • Which value(s) am I willing to compromise?

Your intuition will communicate with you in many ways (in your dreams, meditation, and through creative pursuits). Are you utilizing yours? Use soulloop app to connect to your soul and attune to your third eye chakra.

Your body has the wisdom to bring you into alignment. Trust yourself. Your intuition tells you when things aren’t serving your highest good, so you can course-correct. Tune into it!